Incorrect medical instructions

I usually sleep off my illness and eat food such as tumeric, garlic, chilli and manuka honey to improve my health.

But I had a holiday booked to Yogyakarta for Saturday. I had to get well fast! I went to see a doctor on Monday. I was diagnosed with the flu. I was given anti-biotics. I didn't question why anti-biotics were prescribed for the flu. I just wanted to recover and get a day off to rest at home.

I felt better on Tuesday, but on Wednesday I felt worse than I did on Monday. The medicine didn't work. I consulted another doctor (because the first doctor I saw was close to my office that's far from home). I brought the previously prescribed medicine along. The 2nd doctor didn't prescribe any more anti-biotics for me. In his opinion, rest was all I needed.

I checked for information about the prescribed anti-biotics online.

I was surprised to read that it should be taken on an empty stomach at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after food, whereas the instructions from the clinic was to take it after meals. Maybe that's why the medicine didn't work!

I'm always mindful of following the instructions for efficacy. I dislike taking medicine so if I'm taking any I want to make sure it works:
- For medicine to be taken with/after food, I make sure I eat a good amount of food. I ended on the floor twice from gastric pains after taking medicine without enough food in my stomach.
- For medicine to be taken before food, I have to take the medicine, then starve myself for an hour. I can only drink water. No coffee, tea or milk.

I'm going back to the clinic to ask about it next year when I go back to the office.

Anyway, I've yet to recover and I've cancelled my trip. I know there are worse things than that. My cousin is going for heart operation, my friend's father passed away last week, a few people I know got retrenched. I am grateful to be spending the weekend with my family, I have a comfortable room and home to rest in and recover (I know it's only a matter of time), I've received my 13th month salary (yeay!) and I have a good job (boss, colleagues, clients are great) to go back to.


Yu-Kym said...

The website says "It is used to treat certain bacterial infections of the genitals, bladder and the digestive system."

Lightning Speed said...

Get well soon! Have a Very Merry Christmas!! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

U r simply too keen in doing your research! And done too much of it!

Bean said...

Do not take antibiotic for a flu.

Flu is caused by a virus not bacteria.

And antibiotic is used to treat bacterial infection.

Taking the antibiotic would only kill the harmless and friendly bacteria in your body which is actually useful for your body.

Red kitty said...

Reason why doctors ask you to take it after meals is so that you will not get gastric? So is it true That your body absorbs medication better on an empty stomach? Someone told me before that it's not the medication that helps you recover but the proper rest that helps you to recuperate ;-)