Hiring based on "connections" could be the ruin of companies

While commuters were gasping for air in the dark, some fainted and had to go to the hospital for train service breakdown 3 times this week, SMRT chief executive Saw Phaik Hwa must have been enjoying her Christmas preparations at home or travelling in comfort in her limo. 3 times too many! I totally agree that she should resign.

Many people get their jobs through "connections". But to get the top jobs or to get a top scholarship, you have to parents who are rich or in the right social circle help get them the job.

I don't know how the SMRT chief executive got her job but, clearly, she has failed in meeting basic expectations, i.e. to have train service running as scheduled.

Hiring people based on connections instead of merit is like buying Victoria's Secrets bras: looks good in theory but not any good in reality!


Bean said...

Well said!

In my company, the management team are hired based on connections.

The one thing I don't like about them is that some of them are egoistic and bossy and yet some of them don't even have a basic degree.

Yu-Kym said...

They are sure to lose their good employees sooner or later. Only the ones whom nobody else wants to hire will stick around for long.

David said...


You are correct in stating that hiring based on connections only, and not looking a persone merit and accomplishments is an invitation to future problems.

Certian businesses do appear to have an almost incestous relationship, with people moving from the provider of service side from the end user side. Where government regulators come in, the very people charged with oversight of a type of business often benefit from work in that same business when people leave the regulatory agency.

Sort of like trying to sleep one careet up the promotion ladder.


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Anonymous said...

do you think she should buy a bicycle for each of us in compensation?