How much cash do you carry with you?

I carry no more than $70 on normal days. I'll put a $50 note when I have about $20 left. With credit cards, ATM cards and Ezi-link card, there's no reason for me to bring a stack of notes around, except if I'm going to buy electronics at Sim Lim or at IT fairs (they may charge you 3% more if you use cards).

I'm not sure whether guys carry loads of cash to impress women. One guy I went out with told me that he always pays with cash, and I always saw him paying with cash. Another guy told me that he was going to the casino the next day. He said he has lots of cash and opened his wallet to show me the stack of notes it contained.

Maybe carrying loads of cash is supposed to show affluence (don't need bank credit, can afford to pay). Or maybe they want to avoid a paper trail (married?), or don't want me to know their real name (it would be on the card), or they don't qualify for credit cards!


Red kitty said...

Thats funny! Haha, So would you rather go out with a guy who has alot of cash or credit cards?