You can be judged from your face

Why else would Facebook be so popular?

I read a book on face-reading. The Chinese have practised face reading for decades (or centuries?). It seems you can guess a person's potential wealth, intelligence, health and relationship results from his/her face. Of course, we cannot draw conclusions about a person from appearances only. Whatever we see is, at best, a guess.

The Chinese aren't the only people who believe in face-reading. There was a recent study which claims that Vaginal Orgasm Is More Prevalent Among Women with a Prominent Tubercle of the Upper Lip.

From my experience, I have found that people with slanted noses (when you look at them from the front view, the nose is not 100% vertical but tilts to one side) not only look strange but they are strange. And men with squarish faces tend to be hypocritical and/or "emo", and men with thick lips tend to be over-indulgent with food and sex.

But maybe face-reading isn't about a person's absolute character but character relative to another person. E.g. I may find someone to be very emo but other people may not agree.

From the many people I've met in my lifetime, I've come up with some categorisations of people's character based on their face alone. I've been wrong before (I was wrong because I didn't want to believe negative things about the person) but as I grow older, I tend to be right more often.


Savahn said...

Hope that while you may be able to categorize those people you meet, you still give them some leeway to show their character.

Sometimes, people can and do surprise you.

Yu-Kym said...

I do. That's how I concluded that I was right about them from the start. I hope to be surprised but life is short.

David said...


No doubt reading faces can be useful.

The science behind body language takes face reading to another level.

Words, actiona and body language work together with an honest individaul. Some more dispicable types can often be revealed by ones face or body action/postion giving the deception away.

Not every one is perfect, in fact none of us can claim such.

Your recent experience with a rude causcasian reveals that individuals lack of character.

It would be interesting to hear how other interpret your typical body language and evaluation of your face.

An interestng post as always!