Ugly when mean or mean when ugly?

My parents don't make it a habit to say someone is ugly. But my dad said that the cashier at the National University Hospital was ugly and had a very black face. She insisted that he pay the full estimated fee for ward charges and the surgery upfront. She estimated that his Medishield only covers him for $240 out of the total estimated charge of $9000. He is eligible to use 3000+ from his Medisave account so she demanded that he pay cash for the remaining portion. A week before surgery, he was told by another staff that wouldn't need to pay any cash because the insurance and Medisave could cover all the expenses. My dad didn't argue because he was too sick to argue and when your life is in the hospital's hands, would you be fighting over the charges?

When he was being discharged, another staff told him that he didn't need to pay the full charges upfront like he was made to do.

Do you ever wonder whether some people are mean because they are ugly or ugly because they are mean?


Anonymous said...

They truth is - both ways, they are completely related.

The face has the highest concentration of nerves ( other than the G spot, or penis grand ), and a person's thoughts show up on the face.

One can read people by looking at their face and understand most of what is going through their minds.

But nevertheless, there are people who can hide their thoughts ( for a short while ).

It is those who consistently, continually think bad thoughts that "change" their face i.e. because these thoughts are bad like being mean, the nerves on the face consistently display their inner thoughts and creates distortion which we call ugliness.

So associate with people who look straight, stay away from nasty ugly ones, and thus we don't get any trouble.

Anonymous said...

If you dad overpaid, simply ask for refund of overpayment by providing any necessary paperwork.

Anonymous said...

The best way to make her less ugly is to put her photo here. The world would be a better place to live in when her ugliness goes away through this kind act.