Not all ang mohs are gentlemanly

I don't like paying 20 cents for wet tissue paper or a few dollars for peanuts at restaurants. Even if I'm not footing the bill, I wouldn't want to make a friend or date pay for those. The people I've met before would pay for them without complaining (nevermind what they're thinking).

So I was shocked when the ang moh I was having lunch suddenly spoke loudly and rudely to the waitress who was about to serve us a plate of crackers, "How much is that?" Being told it was $3, he ordered her to take it away (he repeated it several times) as though it would kill us to have that plate on the table. He didn't ask me whether I wanted to eat it. Then he turned to me and complained that the restaurant wants to cheat customers. For an ang moh who claimed to have lived here for 4 years, he should know that many restaurants do that and the customers can simply reject the order calmly.

When the bill came, he snatched the unused packet of wet tissue from my side of the table and threw it onto the folder (containing the bill) which the waitress was holding. He had already used his so he returned mine to avoid the 40-cent charge. He didn't ask me whether I wanted it. And of course he turned to me to complain about the charge.

He did foot the bill and I thanked him for the meal. I find it alright to avoid those charges but the manner in which he did it was terrible!


Galvestini said...

What an asshole!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't expect to find any ang moh gentleman any more.

That was a wrong idea put into our brains by their movies made in the 1950s.

These days, all these movies are about violence, murder, robbery, rape, bombing, killing etc and the asshole you met is the product of such culture.

With their countries going broke, it is lucky he didn't rob or rape you.

David said...


The ang moh you shared lunch with is indeed an unkind and crude individual.

His rudeness to wait-staff likely carries over to how he treats other.

If he is a co-worker, could be on the recieving end of his rudeness in the future.

You give few details as to why you are out with this male. He would appear, based on scant info, not the type of male you keep company with.

Keeping such a creep at a distance would be wise.


not all angmohs are rich

Anonymous said...

yikes why so kiam siap le..

Anonymous said...

How dangerous to date Ang-moh?

Well the 3rd Craiglist Murder victim's body have been found!

These people were lured to a job advert for a job that didn't exist and were murdered for pleasure.

Just google it and read all about it!

David said...


Not all ang moh's are the same. Much as no two Singaporean's are the same.

This particular male's rude behaviour speaks volumes for his lack of character. As mentioned how one treats others such as waitstaff, baristas and similar workers tells you that this is not the type of man you want to get close too.

Even if he is a co-worker such rude behaviour is likely manifested in the work place.

If conditions were different, you would find a male similar to myself, much more of a teddy bear. Completly respectful of wait staff and attentive to women I in my company at the time.

Happy Holiday's!


lehlew pengyiu said...

Let's get over the mindset that angmos are gentlemen to start with. In Shanghai, the Chinese have move on, they now realize that angmos are outcasts in their own countries. Otherwise, they wont be looking for jobs outside their countries.

David said...

lehlew pengyiu, it true that not all angmos are gentleman.

No nationality nor ethic group has a corner on being kind, gentlemanlly or mean and rude.

Today far fewer people view their own ethnic or national identity as superior to another.

Most of us enjoy the meeting, learning from and interaction with people from all corners of this Earth.

I have learned much from reading Yu-Kym's words and shared numerous email exchanges over ideas and interesting web articles.

No doubt anyone who visits here frequently has a completly closed mind.