Jobless foreign workers better off than Singaporeans

There was a report in the newspapers today about homeless Singaporeans so who sleep on the streets. I know this is true because I've seen families sleeping at public places. And there are also families who live in tents along the beach.

A friend who works in an employment agency told me that one of the China workers went AWOL. The employer couldn't find him. The family of the worker was contacted. The whole family (they were worried) came to Singapore to look for him. Guess where they found him? In the casino! He had been living there for the past month, getting free food and drinks. And that wasn't all they found. There were many others like him who had been living there for months!

Jobless foreign workers in Singapore can live more comfortably than Singaporeans. What irony!


Anonymous said...

Don't you know foreigners earning $2000 per month is known as "Foreign Talent" and qualify for special immegration visa and PR?!

Isn't this Sillypore?

tersif said...

Soon Singaporeans will have to do the Full Monty just to keep their heads above the waters.

Anonymous said...

All the FILTHS(failed in London, try HK or Singapore) AND FINTHS (failed in NY, try HK or Singapore) are TOP-CLASS CITIZENS in SG!

Anonymous said...

Silly passwords! It just shows Yanks are silly people.

Anonymous said...
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