Having sex with a sleeping woman?

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has been accused of failing to use a condom in one incident and of having sex with a woman who was sleeping in another.

I am baffled by how a man can have sex with a sleeping woman. It's totally different from waking a woman up to good sex! How does a man have sex with a woman but fail to wake her up?

- he drugged her or she is drunk
- the sex was so comforting she can't help but remain sleeping
- the sex is so bad that she'd rather pretend it never happened
- his penis is so small that she didn't feel anything


Anonymous said...

It is like having sex with a blow-up doll or a plastic virgina one buys from the sex shop; or women having sex with a dildo.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and since she slept throughout the sex session, how did she knew she had sex at all??

David said...


You have posed some good questions.

Assange is to creepy for me to give him enough to learn about his case. Right now most details regarding the alledged rape are hearsay, and that makes specuating dangerous.

Whether the women involved was drugged, drunk, totally bored or just not interested in Assange; he had no right to have unprotected sex with the women.

For most of this year he has been living in the U.K. in the mansion of a wealthy benefactor who likes Assange, so this creep is hardly suffering.

Get him to Sweden and let the trial proceed!


Anonymous said...

Oooh anyone who exposes the hypocrisy of USA is a creep? Really.

So girls must really like him to have sex with him!

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps Us wants to rub him out just like Osama?

Anonymous said...

If the woman was sleeping, how did she know she had sex?

סקס said...

It will be true that The greatest thing that you can do during oral sex is use a tight grip on his shaft with your hand.