Goodbye 111111

While some people have taken the opportunity to tie the knot, 111111 has been uneventful for me. I spent my day commuting, working, have lunch with my colleagues, going to the pet shop, cleaning and washing. Nothing memorable.

111111 will never happen again.

I am reminded of the impermanence of life. And that time lost can never be bought back.

Goodbye 111111. You shall be forgotten by me.


David said...


Some people chose to make 11.11.11 special.

You choose to make certian days special.

November 18 is special for me and my wife, as that is our anniversary

Your birthday is special and only you know other days.

Today, my car was serviced, the insurance adjustor was over taking pictures and getting me set up with a general contractor to replace dry wall damaged by the little bathroom flood. That contractor will paint the entire room. A flooring contractor will replace all the flooring.

As I type this a plumber is installng a new low flow commode.

Life goes on.

I trust that the mundane an ordinairy do not hide simple sources of happiness from you.