Most business travellers are men: Why?

"Are you on holiday?" the guy seated beside me asked. Take-off was delayed although all passengers were on board early. There was a long queue for the run way. We were on an early Monday morning flight.

"No, I'm travelling for work," I answered. The plane was filled with business travellers: 95% men and 5% women including the flight attendents.

I noticed that on "business hour" flights, i.e. early Monday morning and evening Friday/pre-holiday flights most business travellers are men.

I wonder:
Are fewer women shortlisted and selected for jobs that require travelling, or
Do women reject jobs that require travelling?

Most people I speak with think travelling is dangerous, especially for women. So maybe a boss may think it's better to hire a man for a travelling job for "peace of mind" (don't need to worry about the man's safety as much as a woman's safety). Or maybe people get the idea that a travelling job is just more suitable for men, just as a job as a "tea lady" is more suitable for women.

I'm sure many women have at some point in time travelled for work. Anyone who has done it will know that it's more time-consuming, tiring and stressful than sitting in a local office. Perhaps most women are inclined not to take up such jobs. Perhaps they figured out that travelling for work wasn't going to be worth their time and effort in terms of money, career progression and personal satisfaction.

While many women are attracted to men with a "jet-setting" lifestyle, most men prefer more "down-to-earth" women for long-term relationships.

I realise that many choices I make in life reduce my chances of finding an average guy. But I'm not going to hold myself back. I want to be with someone whom I can fly with, not chain me to the ground.


David said...


You ask some good questions, and drop a bomb shell in this post.

Stateside, the work force is split nearly equal male and female.

When I do travel for business, I do notice there are more women traveling than ever. 6 days ago flying to Florida for some fun time I sat next to a young women who is calibration engineer for G.M.

Reason's some women do not like to travel are like - to much time away from family, unfriendly destination or lack of security. Some cultures do not welcome business women or make them feel comfortable.

Now when did Yu-Kym ever want an average guy?

You have written extensivley on how you are looking for a relationship that will include financial gain, along with personal growth and improvement.

Sort of reminds me why people get married, then again you are not in favour of marriage.

Not having traveled to Asia for business or liesure I cannot comment furhter why fewer women travel for business. One needs to look at the percent of women in business positions that require frequent travel.

You might be able to relate from you female friends how many of them travel for business and how their spouse or bf react to frequent jet setting.

BTW, next Monday I am flying to Wisconsin for a week long business trip. I will attempt to find out how many women are flying for business.

Travel safely!


Anonymous said...

Oooh, be careful of bombs! On average one plane falls out of the sky every week!

In the US, you never know how many homegrown freedom fighters are on the plane!

David said...


I will ignore crude comments.

Read an article today that stated that many women are choosing to leave upper management levels, or avoiding such promotions so time can be devoted to family and a personal life. An example was given from a 38 yr. old, well educated and successful women. She works 60-70 hours per week in a middle management job that earns her $60k USD/yr.

This women is considering leaving the job, for a lower paying, less stressful job that will allow her more home time.


Anonymous said...

"An example was given from a 38 yr. old, women. She works 60-70 hours per week in a middle management job that earns her $60k USD/yr."

WTF, 60K USD/yr. That is low pay in Singapore or even China!

No wonder USA is bankrupt!

Economist are saying in few years time, USA workers' pay will be very similar to China workers' pay.

Here is the proof!

I won't work for 60k p.a. SHIT!

David said...


The median household income in the United States is $46,326, dual earner households have a higher median income at $67,348. Only 17.8% of all U.S. households make more than $118,200 a year. Only 2.67% make more than $200,000. The fact that only 34% make more than $65,000.

From:, Singapore's 2010 median monthly household income, according to the same paper, was 4,950 Singapore dollars for resident households and 5,480 Singapore dollars for employed households.

Singapore had the highest concentration of millionaires last year, with 8.5 percent of the country’s households owning more than $1 million, reports the Boston Consulting Group. Switzerland was second, with 6.6 percent, followed by Kuwait, 5.1 percent, United Arab Emirates, 4.5 percent, and the United States, 3.5 percent.

Looking at the very top income earners, the United States has 412 billioniares, and 5.1 million millionaires in 2010.

SG, had 4 billioniares as of 2009. The total millionaires’ worldwide wealth is estimated to hit 121.8 trillion dollars.

There are currently 183,000 millionaires in Singapore, the second richest country in the Asia Pacific region with an average wealth of 285,000 U.S. dollars.

Moreover, the highest concentration of millionaires is recorded in Singapore (15.5%), followed by Switzerland with 9.9%.

SG is a very wealthy nation!!
However as in China and the US., there is a big disparity between the top earners and bottom earners.


Anonymous said...

WTF, Australian households had to have a median household income of AUD $100K p.a. which equals USD $105K just to live in Sydney and Sydney property prices simply haven't fallen like the US!

No wonder Americans are flocking to Oz looking for jobs.

Just read that an American was found guilty for murdering his female nursing boss! What a heartless bastard especially it was that boss who let him into Oz!

Where has America's wealth gone? Perhaps they never have it in the first place. It was purely a con by maxing out their credit cards and then declaring bankruptcy.