iOS5: If it ain't broke, don't fix it?

I was looking forward to upgrade my iPad to iOS5 because of the split keyboard.

I first saw the split keyboard on Win 8. Thank Steve, iOS 5 has it too. But was it going to be worth my time and effort to upgrade? So I googled the iOS5 features.

The features are nifty (such as the notification pull-down menu copied from Android). Ok. Can consider upgrading.

Next, I googled how to install. After reading the many complaints about losing data, taking ages to update (up to 9 hours!), bricking, and even posts on how to downgrade to the iOS 4, I think I'll wait it out for a bit.


Dariusz said...

so there are more bad reviews than good?

Yu-Kym said...

iOS5 is good if and when you manage to upgrade and you didn't have much in your old device to start with.

Anonymous said...

I can never understand why adults like to use ipad rather than a laptop when a common lap top is almost as thin, light, but can do much more than an ipad.

I have seen a number of kids playing with ipads though.

So please can someone explain the advantages of ipad over laptop or is it just a personal preference?

Yu-Kym said...

A netbook is double the weight of an iPad. I can't use a laptop while standing at the bus stop or on the train. The touchscreen is more responsive than any touchscreen netbook or laptop. There are location-linked applications such as maps, bus arrival time, bank locators, etc that enable users to retrieve information faster than typing into a laptop.

My wife just bought a sumsung galaxy cause she wish to read 'a book' while breastfeeding. I think laptop is not so convenient to provide the service. =)

David said...


Apple's iOS5 might be a worthwhile on the 4S or next years iPhone5.

I use a Samsung Galaxy S and that is a great phone. Unlike iPhones the battery can be replace by the user. The virtual keyboard is quick and responsive and with predictive typeing enabled, allows me to get emails and the occasional text message out reasonably fast.

My big complaint against Androids and iOS4 or 5 is compatiblilty with MS Outlook. I enter an upgrade period on my current contract in late December, an will upgrade to the latest version of Windows Mobile, which likely will be Win Mobile 7.5 aka Mango.