Involuntary starvation sucks!

Do you get grouchy or feel faint when you're hungry? I do.

How about going hungry because of someone's error?

On Singapore Airlines, the staff forgot to give me my food! Then they forgot to give me a drink! Am I that small? Maybe not that small in size but I'm just another small fry. Anyway, I didn't faint because I always eat at the airport before flying. I tend to be a victim of delayed flights. Regardless of whether I fly by Singapore Airlines or budget airlines, I count myself lucky if my flight is on time.

A 67-year-old man was made to endure 18-hour fast because of postponed surgery. It was bad enough that he needed surgery. To make it worse, he had to starve!

My sister was made to starve involuntarily too. The nurses forgot her food TWICE! We tried to be patient and understanding about the hectic schedules of the nurses, so she waited and waited. When she couldn't wait anymore, she asked when the food was coming. The nurse said the kitchen and already closed and all they could give her was biscuits! She didn't have a choice because all the eateries at the hospital were closed (so I couldn't go buy her any food), it being the eve of Lunar New Year. And we would have thought the nurses would be more mindful to give her food after her surgery? But no! They forgot AGAIN!

At the end of it, my mother still considered giving the staff a hamper! OMG! Why would anyone give a hamper to someone who didn't feed her daughter!

My sister didn't file any complaints with the hospital. She was just glad it was over. After all, what compensation could they possibly give her? One night's free stay the next time she checks in?

My dad's going for surgery next Thursday. I hope the same things doesn't happen to him...


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