The culture of blame

Many countries (Singapore included) have chosen the fast and dirty way to deal with rising costs and labour shortage by importing cheap (but not necessarily reliable or high-quality) labour, firing local workers to be replaced by overseas operations, and sourcing for products overseas instead of thinking of ways to increase productivity and spur innovation to sustain the economy.

It is, no doubt, challanging to run a business or rule as a government. Nobody can know for sure all the effects of all policies and decisions made.

I think we all watch too many US TV shows and read too many psychology books written by US psychologists about blaming one's parents (or teachers or past bad experience) for the predicament we're in. I mean, please. If we're old enough to watch TV and read psychology books, we're old enough to take responsibility for our actions.

Now, the US blames Europe and China for the current financial crisis. I can agree that Europe has serious a problem: they have been spending more than they can afford to, and they can't figure out what to do. China, on the other hand, provides cheap labour and cheap goods for export. China didn't force anyone to buy their products and services. And the US of all countries is blaming other countries when they were the ones who started the global panic by being indecisive!

Don't you think if they're old enough to get elected, they're old enough to take full responsibility for their actions?


David said...


You are quite right in pointing out the blame game that so many here in the States practice.

Elevating minor events into victim status is an excuse that carries far more status than is should.

The leadership in the United States is overeaching itself in blaming others. President Obama has surrounded himself with advisors and officials from academic backgrounds. Not one individual in key leadership or advisory positions has ever run a business.

Europe however shows the folly of cradle to grave social welfare systems. No nation can forever afford such extravagant expenditures. Greece, Italy, and Spain teeter on the brink of financial disaster.

China's role in the value of it's currency being to high or low is not easily dicscussed in this format, so I will end here.

Bravo to Yu-Kym for pinning responsibility on those who cannot see their faults.


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Anonymous said...

Only in the states you can sue mcdonalds for getting you fat!

David said...


As Yu-Kym writes and you remind us, to many in the United States are giving up personal responsibility.

Blaming others for ones personal failings has gone to far.

As I mentioned my nations President is a great example in his role as Blamer and chief.

He has surrounded himself with advisors who are clueless regarding business knowledge. These people actaully believe that one can solve problems by throwing money at the problem. Even when similar ventures have failed, these not so bright advisors simply state that not enough money was spent the first time.

Someone remind me what the definition of insanity is?