Butt dimples??

Ever heard of butt dimples?

I read an article in the local newspapers about liposuction. Everyone knows that people try to suck fats out of their bellies but it seems in addition to that women also get fats sucked out to create butt dimples (also called back dimples, dimples of Venus). It seems guys find it very sexy on women.

The "dimples" are depressions or grooves on each side of the spine, between the upper part of the butt and the waistline. It's supposely obtained through exercise and fat reduction (most athletes with low body fat have it) though it's also thought to be that it's genetic (it seems some fat people have it too).

I checked my rear view and I have butt dimples.

Thank goodness I just educated myself on butt dimples. Otherwise if a guy came up to me saying, "I love your butt dimples," I might think he's referring to my asshole.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps he is one of those who prefer the rear door where shit pass thru' ( very common with White people ).

David said...


One would think the only way anyone could comment on your butt dimples would be to follow you on the beach when wearing a bikini.

The only other way would require a more intimate setting.

Still, it's good to read that you have such appealing dimples.


Jeryc said...

Hi Kym,

Been awhile since I read your blog... All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy..

Butt dimples... Now you mentioned it... On some girls they do look sexy, can be quite a turn on at times that is if the girls have a nice curvaceous butt.. Else it would be pretty disastrous.

Anonymous said...
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