What's scarier than ghosts?

An ex-school mate asked me whether I wanted to go to Bangkok with him and our other school mates. He said his friends were sharing rooms with their own girlfriends but he didn't have anyone to share a room with him, so that was why he asked me. He said he was afraid to stay in a hotel room alone. I told him that there was no way I was going to share a room with him.

A friend told me that she felt her bed shaking when she slept alone in a hotel room.

A property agent told me that the clubhouse of a competing project nearby had ghosts, according to online discussions.

The cancellation of the Halloween Horrors event (where they pay to scare themselves and their children) at the Night Safari left some people disappointed and angry.

So, do we like ghosts or are we afraid of ghosts?

I used to feel afraid when I watched ghost movies. But as I grow older and travel more, I feel less afraid of ghosts than before. In fact, I think the graveyard is one of the most peaceful places to visit in urban Singapore.

My friend's explanation for this: I've realised that people are scarier than ghosts!


Anonymous said...

sharing a room and different bed can hahaha

Yu-Kym said...

I think I'm too old to be that naive!

Bean said...

Robbers, murderers, rapists, road bullies, and Ah Bengs...they are more scarier than ghosts.

Ghosts do not harm people but people do.

Anonymous said...
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David said...


I agree that more people are scarier than any ghost.

I have stayed in a few places that were supposed to be home to a ghost or two.

No ghost appeared and nothing unusual occured.

Personally I do not give ghost much importance.