What's the fish?

I found my dear aqueous of time handphone pouch. I have neglected it since I bought my China handphone (I don't use a pouch now).

My interpretation of "When I addict to aqueous of time, discover the fish is missing" is: I was too engrossed in pursuing other things and suddenly realised that what's important is no longer there. The pouch is very old now and I was about to throw it away. But I considered whether I had found my fish. I have been working for 7 months at my full-time job. Time flies. I do have more fish to eat but I wonder whether I have neglected the other types of "fish". So I decided to keep the pouch and think about what's fish to me.

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David said...


Accessories for cell phones must be a women thing.

I have seen more Asian women bling up their phones, and for that matter cameras.

A belt holster and extended battery have sufficed for add ons for my Galaxy S.

BTW, what is "When I addict to aqueous of time, discover the fish is missing" is:" all about?

Confusing without context.


Anonymous said...

Wasting too much time kissing the idiotic greedy bankrupt twit's ass or letting him kiss one's ass, will make one miss the fish!