That necklace around your neck might kill you

I hardly buy costume jewellery because I'm too lazy to wear any and I'm allergic to some metals. My skin gets red and itchy when it comes into contact with those metals. I'm allergic to some types of sunscreen as well, e.g. Coppertone. I did away with body sunscreen for my Pattaya trip and I did not return to Singapore with the one week of itchy skin which I got on previous trips when I applied sunscreen.

Thankfully, I've not been led by vanity to purpose many costume jewellery. Cadmium, a highly toxic metal that can cause kidney damage, brittle bones, cancer and death, has been found in children's and adults' jewellery many times.

As usual, Chinese manufacturers have been named as a culprit. After jewellery with Lead got banned, some Chinese manufacturers turned to using Cadmium which wasn't banned. The reason for it not being banned in jewellery was: it's so toxic that nobody thought that anybody would ever think of using it in jewellery! (The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention lists cadmium as the seventh most hazardous element out of a list 275 toxic substances).

So do think twice before buying costume jewellery.

Settlement to help limit toxic cadmium in jewellery

Cadmium found in adult jewellery, too


David said...


When it comes to jewellery one most often gets what one pays for.

Costume jewellery can cause problems.

BTW there many hypoallergenic sunscreens available. Read the ingredients and purchase reliable brands and the itchy skin can be avoided.

Long term sun exposure is documented to cause all sorts of skin problems. Not the least of which is faster aging of skin and accelerating the appearance of facial wrinkles.


Anonymous said...

Can't believe Yu-Kim buys kid's jewellery!

Google search says "Cadmium in jewelry is not known to be dangerous if the items are simply worn."!

There u are!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they want to supply cadmium to USA kids just like USA supply dioxine to Indo-China kids.

Yu-Kym said...

I did include a link to a report that Cadmium can be found in adult's jewellery too.