Possible future leaders of Singapore are idiots and pervs

I roll my eyes whenever I see university freshmen at Orchard Road doing silly things such as yelling dumb slogans and songs. Student join such orientation activities knowing that they'll be put through torture and made to do stupid things in the name of bonding. And these are the future generation of leaders in Singapore? Please.

Orientation camps are not compulsory and neither are they free. Students have to pay if they want to join. It was reported in The New Paper that girls had to lie flat on the ground while their male schoolmates leaned over them, among other disgusting games.

Why would university freshmen pay money to be put through that kind of shit? One obvious reason: they are desperate idiots!

I can understand that the guys might enjoy it tremendously. But the girls? They must be really desperate for friends and boyfriends to join at all.

And the seniors who came up with such games? They are pervs!

When I was admitted to NUS, I did not join the students' union camp which was reputed for its ridiculous activities. Those in my cohort who had joined would tell me about how much fun they had, with me thinking to myself why in the world paying to do stupid things would be any fun at all. I don't know whether any of them had become leaders by now. We don't happen to be like-minded enough to keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

Is anybody forced to join if they do not wish to do so?

So there you are, why denigrate those who join what they consider paid fun if they are doing it out of their own free will?

To each his own that is what silli cat always say. And I Con-Mic agrees coz I am a changed man. Thanks silli cat for all the lessons!



Anonymous said...

They certainly look like idiots and pervs by the look of the previous post!

Anonymous said...

Erm...I think everyone missed the details on this issue. For a start, SIM is a private school, not a real university per se.

Yu-Kym said...

They are not forced to do it. That's why I say they're idiots. They are entitled to pay to do it and I'm entitled to say they're idiots.

What difference does it being a private school make?