Must be courteous to collect membership points

This is part of the terms and conditions of membership to Accor Hotel's A|Club which enables members to collect points for staying in their hotels.

I am amused! I've never seen such a membership condition!

Some Asians may sound when they speak English because if English is not native to them they may fail to use words like "please", "may I", "excuse me", etc. E.g. they may say "I want a room with sea view" instead of saying "May I have a room with a sea view?"

So the hotel may revoke your membership if you sound rude?


Anonymous said...

Obviously such rules are necessary because some ppl can be very rude and obnoxious as I previously was until put right by silli cat.


Soh Hong Wei said...

That's interesting!

David said...


So this hotel is the judge and arbiter of what is considered courteous?

Not a very customer centric policy.


Anonymous said...
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