A leopard never changes its spots

When a young adult is seen by society to be a good person, we say that his/her parents have done a good job. When teenagers misbehave, some people may say their parents have failed in their responsibilities.

But I think nature plays a bigger role than nurture. How else can we explain differences in the behaviour of babies and children raised in the same household?

Besides parents, there are many people around who try to change your opinion or behaviour. E.g. the government, religious groups, relatives, friends, bosses, co-workers, reporters, salesmen, bankers, etc.

A great many people have tried to change someone into someone else, or have hoped and waited for their someone to change for the better. I don't have the exact numbers but I don't know of anyone who has been successful.

Even those who have done things that they regret and know that they have to change - have not changed. A leopard can't change its spots. And we shouldn't waste any time or energy waiting for that to happen.


David said...


This ia always an interesting topic.

The role of nature vs. nuture likely started before recorded history.

However there is no easy answer.

The complexity of nuture combined with the role of genes remains poorly understood.

Do I truly expect to live fewer years because I am left handed? Or might a life style choice to eat a better balanced diet with more fruit and vegatbles rather than fast foods and prepared snacks. The latter usually leads to a longer life.

Most reading this will agree there is a point in life where the personality of a child to make decisions good or bad is the sole responsibility of the child. As children grow towards adulthood the role of person responsibility should temper poor decisions.

However the role of schooling, peer pressure to name a few outside influences, of which there are many, often allow young teens to make rash and poor decisions.

Parents can be supportive of such a misbahaving child, but they bear less responsibility.

An a example could be made with your decision to adopt aetheism over Religious faith. Do people blame your parents for YOUT decision.

I believe this was not the case.

Correct me if I am in error.

Your turn...


Jc said...

As a parent it's necessary to nurture your kids with right, wrongs and proper mannerism. When they reach their teens they will be able to differentiate. Basics are the most important