Hyperactive mouths

A lawyer was caught performing oral sex on gay partner in a public place. Seems he's got a hyperactive mouth!

Do your lawyer friends have hyperactive mouths too? The lawyers with higher EQ know when to stop arguing. The others don't - much to the frustration of the people around them. They treat people like criminals.

People (not only lawyers) who behave in this manner are toxic. It doesn't matter whether they are road sweepers or lawyers: they still are toxic.

I suppose the only way to make them stop is to avoid them so you don't have to endure their nonsense or to stuff something into their mouth to gag them.


David said...


LOL, gagging people with hyperactive mouths is a great idea.

The images that came to mind made me laugh!!!

Stange images to be sure, but hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank for providing some jocular words!


Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised lah!

In the USA, it is anything gos, anywhere, anytime.

Public sex is customary ah!

This is the great influencce of free porn in USA. They want to put what they see in the free porn movies into practise!

David said...


I dunno about the accuracy of your statement. I just spent the weekend mostly outside and about, and did not see a single act of public sex!

Now there are places in California and perhaps the Hampton's where such takes public displays take
place. Here in flyover country we are considerably more conservative.

PDAs OTOH, that make news in SG tabloids are a differnt matter.

With the exception of nations that have internet firewalls, porn is available anywhere in the world.

You may choose to view such trash, and American produces a great amount of such garbage. However the people making these vids are raking in large profits.

The PRC has it's own home grown porn industry which produces an amazing amount of similar vids for the Chinese audience.


Anonymous said...

U live in the ulu ulu land!

Josiah said...

Hi, Yu-Kym, I think your post is not accurate. It was the lawyer's client who was caught doing the act, not the lawyer.

Please rectify to avoid any unnecessary inconveniences.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter lah!

They do it to each other, and may also "stick up up each other's ass" too!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. I remember a scene in Mr Bean Movie where he was travelling in an open-top car in LA showing the one-finger salute to motorist, telling them to "Stick it up ther ass".

Obviously Americans love doing that.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the client was trying to get a reduction of the exobitant legal fees, which is common in USA, by giving the lawyer a BJ.

Jeryc said...

Wow... A cunning linguist vs a master debater!