Good luck, bad luck

I was sad to hear that someone had confessed to a crime which she said she didn't commit (I believe her).

She confessed to it because she was told that if the case got taken to court, she may be jailed if found guilty but if she made a confession and pleaded guilty she would only need to pay a fine.

Weighing the possibility of losing the case, going to jail, nobody taking care of her son and high litigation fees against paying a fine, she chose the latter.

The person who accused her was her former boss. He gathered 2 people to agree to testify against her by threatening them. So it's their word against hers. The police used her status as a single mother to convince her to plead guilty.

She's a capable woman: she was head of a department, has a master's degree and raises her son without support from her son's father. Now she has a police record which will limit her ability to find a job.

She's very unlucky to encounter such a terrible boss. But I believe that nobody has very bad luck all his life and nobody has very good luck throughout either. I used to have rather bad luck in the past but now my luck is rather good. I hope her luck will change for the better soon.


Anonymous said...

A HOD with a Masters? And yet she got herself framed in a serious situation and worse confessed to a crime which she didnt commit? I'm not too sure she is as innocent as what it may appear to her friends.

I think there's two sides to the story here.......women like Yu-Kym are essentially women.....they get their emotions and feminity involved which invariably blinker their views...... unless this woman is the dumbest intelligent woman...and there are such ppl.

silli cat

David said...


The women you descibe was indeed treated unfairly.

When police collaborate with a business person over an employee dispute that has the apprearance of something inappropriate.

It is unfortunate this women did not have legal counsel available.


David said...


Judging the women in question here without knowing details regarding her accusers.

There bosses who unfairly and unethically abuse the power of their position.

I am not familiar with SGs legal system and cannot understand why this women did not have legal representation. The employers accusations could be turned around if untrue as a defamation of character charge.

Now the women has a police record.

How and what must be revealed to future employers varies among nations. Does the severity of the crime change what must be revealed in SG?

SC, surprised at your lack of compassion.


Anonymous said...


Pls dont be too hard on Silli cat k?

He is just saying there's two sides to the story. Not particularly condemning who is right or wrong as we do not know all the facts. Yu-Kym's support for her friend dont really count lol

Anyway, whats a woman with a HOD appointment and a Masters doing getting herself entrapped in a frame-up and not having the gumption to seek legal help?