F1? I'd rather play car racing games

Do you play car racing games? I think the night scenes of such games always look very nice! It's great that (legal) night racing is a reality in Singapore.

Many roads are closed because of the upcoming F1 night race. I had to walk further to take a different bus from a different road to get to a different MRT station. I heard that some companies located along the route give employees the afternoon off on Friday because the trial runs create too much noise for employees to work. Unfortunately, my office is not affected so I will have to endure the inconvenience. Did you have to take another route to/from your office?

I agree that such events are good for tourism and to make Singapore a more interesting place. Not many young people would like to live in a city where there's nothing to do but work and watch TV.

This is one of the events that is supposedly good but causes inconvenience to those who have no interest in it.

If I don't get to drive the car, I'm not interested in watching. I'd rather play a car racing game than to pay money to watch the race and get deaf.


David said...


F1 race time again!

The F1 is a big event in SG.

Never been to an F1 race. I have read about the hoopla, glamour and noise.

However none of that is important enough to interest me.

Hope your work routing is not disrupted much of for long.


Kelvin said...

Hahaha, finally someone have the same views as me :D