Buying cheap things you don't need

"Why don't you take 3 for $1.20?" the shopholder offered me. All I wanted to buy and eat was 2 pieces of soon kueh for $1. 3 pieces would be one too many. My sister doesn't eat it.

"Only 20 cents for the 3rd piece," she added.

How often do you buy something that you don't need just because it's cheap?

It's tempting to buy. I'll find some use for it. Someone will want to eat it.

I try to stick to what I intended to buy. Otherwise I'll end up paying for things I don't need and don't use.

"No thanks, I can't finish it," I said though 20 cents for the 3rd piece is cheap.


Anonymous said...

Like me. I buy a box of condom hoping to use it.

Well, for a year now, the chance never come!

Anonymous said...

yah , been in that situiation before...just don't want to end up overeating just becoz of the discount. JUst that day i bought just a fillet burger, add a few cent more could get a pack of fries &