Triple Boost bra = Triple disappointment?

"Women look better with their clothes on," my male friend said.

With the invention of the Wonderbra, padded bras, stick-on bras, silicon pad, chicken fillets, and now the Triple Boost padded bra, men need to downsize their expectations.

"If you go on a date with someone and they really like your boobs, they’re going to get a bit of a disappointment. I think I’d rather they knew the truth in the first place. Don’t advertise in the window what you don’t stock in the shop, as they say," says a model who wears an A cup bra.

I won't be buying the Triple Boost padded bra but underwire in my bra is a must to prevent sagging. I prefer some padding and stiffness in the cup to avoid my nipples sticking out and I also feel a little more protected from accidental or intentional molestation or elbows (if I'm standing behind a woman who is reaching for something in her bag sling over her shoulder) on buses and trains.

Women, what sort of bras do you like?
Men, have you ever felt cheated after a woman undresses?


Soh Hong Wei said...

Is the size of the breast really so important?
I think the character of the person is more important.

However so far, i have not felt being cheated, yet.
Better to be truthful, small can be beautiful, too. =)

David said...


Triple bra boost! What a name and what an unrealistic expectation for any women who purchases the bra.

If a women really wants breast that will be noticed, implant surgery is the sure route.

The end result is a bigger bosom.

That's the obvious commercial POV.

Realistically, does Ms. Loh and other women think that the fashion industry is commoditizing women's breast, and many, (if not most women's) insecurity over breast size?

Yes males will look, ogle, notice and talk about this womens breast or that models chesticles when comparing notes.

Nothing new about males doing any of the above.

The question remains, how much marketing of breast and the female form must young women tolerate?


jc said...

Whatever the size of the boobs is nice to my point of view. To the woman its the confidence level.