Sunway: 18-27 May 2011

I went on a business trip to Shah Alam. Kuala Lumpur is too far from Shah Alam and I was told that the business hotel in Shah Alam would be boring so I opted to stay at Sunway Pyramid Tower hotel where the famous Sunway Pyramid shopping mall and Sunway Lagoon are. The corporate rate was Rm300+30+18=Rm348 per night including breakfast for 1 person.

I flew by Singapore Airlines (about SGD400 for 2-way. I made 2 trips during this period). It was a short flight so only drinks were served. They don't even give us peanuts anymore these days. The majority of the people on the plane were men. The guy beside me asked whether I was going to Malaysia for a holiday. I guess that's because I was casually dressed.

As usual, I found myself not liking the airport when I landed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). The airport design is silly. I had to take this train from the gates to the immigration at the main terminal. I don't like it because I lose my advantage over the slow-walking passengers.

Train from gates to main terminal

There queue at immigration was long as usual. Too bad I lost my advantage over the slow-walking passangers when I had to wait for the train. By the time I got through, the baggage wasn't even out on the belts yet. Thank goodness I did not check any bags in.

I had booked a transfer to the hotel. I made some small talk with the guy who shared that he came here to work and his hometown is Nilai. A brand new SUV arrived. I didn't have to wait for any other passanger. It's double the price (Rm120) of a normal taxi (Rm75) but at least I knew I would reach the hotel without any fuss so that I could be in time for my afternoon meeting.

Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel

Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel

Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel

Check in was swift. So was the bell service. I quickly changed and walked to the adjoining Sunway Pyramid mall to buy takeaway. Fastfood like McDonald's was a no-no because I wasn't feeling well at all (sore throat and, I think, a fever). I bought sushi.

To get a taxi from the mall, I had to buy a ticket from the taxi station (beside the Machines shop where the iPad was still out of stock. The taxi drivers weren't sure about the location of my client's place I was visiting at Shah Alam. I had a phone number so he called while driving to get directions.

Taxi Stand

Machines shop beside taxi stand

The journey was shorter than I thought - 15 minutes. I didn't have time to finish eating all my sushi. I had to gobble down the last of it. It wouldn't be a good idea to bring fish to a meeting.

On other days when I had to go to the office in the morning, I had no choice but to take the taxis from outside the hotel (not the hotel's taxi service) because there are no metered taxis waiting there. It would cost between Rm25-Rm30 to get to Shah Alam by metered taxi but the non-metered ones cost more (Rm38-Rm40).

After work, the journey back to Sunway took twice as long because of the peak hour traffic. I had the chance to walk around and have dinner at the mall. I found the mall very well-maintained. It looked new and clean despite its age.

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Ice skating rink in the middle of the mall

The ice skating rink is sometimes reserved for the pros in the evening

On the top floor of the mall where the Digital Centre is, I bought one pre-paid SIM card to receive/make calls on my phone (Digi-Rm10 with Rm5 value. Min. top up Rm5. 3G is supported too.) and another for mobile broadband Internet access (uMobile-Rm100 for 30 days. I brought my own USB modem). The charge for Internet access in the hotel was exhorbitant at Rm30 per day. I needed to have my own Internet access at my client's office anyway. I should mention that the entire shopping mall has free wifi. Because the mall is huge, you'll have to change access connection for better coverage if you are in different parts of the mall. The restaurants would have their own wifi too. You'll have to ask the service staff for the password.

Digital centre on the top floor of mall

It was end of May already. Apparently they celebrate Christmas all year round

Top floor of mall: Asian clothes, shoes and food. Nothing special or especially cheap.

There are food, clothing, electronics, and shoe shops, etc in other other floors of the mall. I was not impressed by the prices. A few shops had very cheap shoes.

I bought 2 pairs of shoes here

Shoes with pig skin have to be wrapped so that Muslims do not accidentally touch it

Does anyone use apple products for studying?? Scamming IT-illiterate parents!

Outside the shopping mall, there are some old hawker stalls and shops where you can get cheap food and buy SIM cards/top up too.

I get across the highway that's always jammed in the evenings, I had to use an old overhead bridge with very steep steps. There are skinny cats on the road (you can guess the wealth of the average person by looking at the stray animals), low-rise apartments, shop houses, hawker shops, KTV's and massage shops. The massage rates were reasonable - Rm60 per hour or less - but the places look like they're catered for to the guys who need to get off after their KTV sessions.

The hotel room was freezing cold even with the aircon turned off. And I was having a fever so it felt alot worse. On my second part of the trip (I returned to Singapore for the weekend), I used both blankets, one on top of the other, to keep myself warm :( I didn't sleep well so it was difficult to recover. Worse, still I had a "relapse" a week after the trip.

Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel

Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel

Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel

Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel

The service at the hotel was superb. The staff were pleasant, helpful, and not too slow. The only bad thing was no free Internet access in the rooms; only free wifi at the lobby. The quality of fittings, the sheets, towels, curtains, toiletries, in-room safe, etc was 4-star standard (I don't mean it in a bad way; they claim to be a 4-star hotel. Many hotels claim to be 1 star more than they really are). There's an ironing room for guests to use and a free ice dispenser in the common area.

The service by Singapore Airlines staff at KLIA check-in was irritating. Read about in my other post, Singapore Airlines: World's 2nd Best Airline.

Camera stock clearance at KLIA, before immigration


Anonymous said...

wow thanks for sharing, ur business trip look fun and exciting. Curious to knw wat industry u working at?
Very inspiring experiences, thanks.

David said...


Unfortunate you were dealing with some type of infection during your business travel.

I trust the relaspe upon returning to SG was not to detrimental to your health, or that you missed anytime from work. That begs a question. Are you one of those overly dedicated workers who will come to work feeling ill?

While admirable on the surface, workers who come to work ill often end up costing the company more than if they took a day or two away to recover. To often more than one co-worker comes down with the same illness, and if that number multiplies to a few people, some will be sick enough to need to stay home for recovery, the end result is that one dedicated employees desire not to miss work costs the company more in lost productivity due to he or she spreading an infection to others.

Something to think about.


should have meet with you to get your signature!! Next time inform me. :p

Anonymous said...

Did u fucking did it, as one NTU female student declared?

Anonymous said...

There is that funny-looking shower head close to ground level near the WC in the bathroom/toilet which is unique in hotels in ASEAN countries, and which we don't find in Western or HK or China hotels.

Do people us that to spray their private parts to get aroused?

Anonymous said...

That must be a dildo for anal sex!