Singapore is a fine country!

To celebrate Singapore’s National Day, I’m did what many Singaporeans enjoy: getting out of Singapore. I don’t mean permanently ;) I needed to travel for work and to avoid the National day road and traffic jams, I decided to make my way out of Singapore way before that.

As you may know, I only watch TV in hotels. So as I sit this evening in my hotel room, watching scenes from the UK riots, hearing about people in fear for their lives and people who have lost their homes and shops, listening to discussions about the huge debt problems in the US and the high unemployment rate, I can’t help but feel sad for the people affected but lucky that I live in Singapore.

One of my colleagues from our Korean office was looking for souvenirs for our Korean colleagues. I recommended a shot glass with the signature “Singapore is a fine country”: No littering – Fine $50, No smoking – Fine $50, No jaywalking – Fine $50, No drugs – Death, etc. He bought for them bottle openers with small Merlions floating inside – very cute – and he bought 1 shot glass – which I believe was for himself ;)

I’m grateful that nobody in Singapore is allowed to get away with setting fire to cars, buses, shops and houses; breaking into shops, looting, robbing and beating up whoever is in the shops. In fact, people can’t even get away with vandalism. I’m glad that Singapore is a fine country and I hope it will continue to be one!


David said...


Singapore is indeed a fine country.

The civility of the people and the standard of living is admired by many.

Vandalism and destruction like London is experiencing cannot be excused. However poorly educated often turn to gang activities.

London and most large western cities have gang problems.

They cause havoc, harm and disruption to living.

I am happy for Singapore, and look forward to the time I can visit.


Anonymous said...

What is lacking in many cities - is the political will to make tough, unpopular but necessary policies.

SG's Internal Security Act has effectively put to rest, any notion of trying London's riots here. Vandalism alone is good for a good lick of the Rottan, much less rioting.

Try bringing in more than 5 grams of heroin & a Hangman noose is ready & used many times before.

Thankfully absent is also political bargaining where a President ability to pay debts is held hostage to partisan party bickering.

David, Singapore is not laid-back or relaxed like many US or Australian cities.

We take our livelihood intensely, very intensely ( we know we should try letting our hair down a bit, too many folks meant us harm so we cant; but hey, we are trying !)

Please visit SG asap, but never arrive during Chinese New year.


某佧佬 said...


Lee Wee Tak said...

the reason why S'pore has no rioting is because it stems from a immigrant community whose origianl mentality is to seek livelihood peace, prosperity and a good life.

Coupled with wise governance by LKY during a difficult period in history, S'pore governments, despite all the petty critcism, focused on the right things, creating a right environment for wealth seeking population to work, to live and to prosper.

However, as recent GE results suggest, S'pore is at a ross round - whether to continue to pursue more aggressive capitalism (which runs contrary to original PAP philosophy from its Labour Party roots) or to revert a bit left back to socialism leaning coupled with greater liberty for self expression of the young generation.

& you know from where I am speaking from :-)

David said...


SG is an ongoing experiment in democratic socialism.

I trust that the leadership has observed the democratic-socialist nations in Europe. Most are resource rich, have educated populations and have known peace since the end of WW II and prosperity on the increase with the end of the Cold War.

These nations, France, UK and others have scaled back social services, reduced what health care services are provided or allowed patients long waits for test like CT scans and MRIs. Patients are on waiting list for needed surgeries.

Cradle to grave societies are costly to maitain.

SG will do well to lean more towards an agressive form of captialism to help boost revenues.

If one has visited New York or Chicago most Singaporean's would feel familiar with the pace of life and pressures to succeed in these metropolises.

All societies that are succesful for any period must adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Global new reach, globally tied economies and social media often have the population in the forefront of changing social conditions.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you are wrong Mr Lee Wee Tak on at least one particular point.

Singapore has no riots because we have decisive, firm, fair, clean, intelligent and wise leadership. So we are able to keep morons and ingrates the types of Con-Mic in check otherwise we would have gone to the boondocks ages ago. You think Singapore would have lasted 46 years if we let these tricksters and charlatans con us, create mayhem and treat politics like comedy?

And more importantly, Singapore is at a cross road point where there is this growing generation of complascent and greedy mindset, where more opposition for the sake of opposition and an alternative populist voice is the desirable thing in democracies.

Where nothing major is broken or putting things naively and perfectly right means dismantling and refixing everything including a proven leadership. By the time my following generations realise their folly, Singapore would have been undone for good, the pieces never to be able to be joined again. They think they can find an alternative leadership as capable or more capable as the current one? HaH!

Where you are speaking from and where you are from (even if you dont agree with my views) does not matter as long as you dont have an idiot of a mind like that Con-Mic fella.

And David, Singapore's ongoing experiment with a more liberal kind of democratic socialism will be our downfall if it is not done extremely carefully. Because its like a free fall gaining speed. Once it catches on, the only way to stop it is when it crashes. And by that time it is too late for all. I am glad I live during a time when I am not a refugee or boat people or where me, my wife, sons or daughters have to go to another country to find work as a matter of life or death.

silli cat

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This type of riots can happen in Sg too. That is why so many PRCs have to be imported to keep the balance and ensure it does not happen here.

Anonymous said...

Read in today’s Strait Times that a special section of SG population will have their education assistance funding threshold raised.

That is interesting, it was this group of people who some years ago caused riots!

Isn't it more interesting that other groups of people do not qualify for such assistance.

It just shows if you riot some more in SG, the garment will treat you very well, even better than the privileges they enjoy elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

Two idiotic comments probably from the same moron! It cannot possibly be two of the same kind I hope! lol It seems that education for this moron went down the drain. lol

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Must be well educated in SG, probably with a Ph D degree as his comments are so innovative.