Research shows: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Research shows: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I think this is true. When I like someone, I think of him as goodlooking. My friends may say that the guy is ugly, fat or short but it won't change the way I think of him. But when I no longer feel love or like for the person, I think of the person as ugly in some or all ways and I ask myself what was I thinking?!


Anonymous said...

As someone said "My little brother/sister is doing the thinking for me"!

jc said...

As long as you are comfortable it's ok.

David said...


I can only agree partially with your assessment.

To many males and females want an unrealistic standard of beauty in a partner. Most want such for the ego boost of being seen with a hot girl or hunk of guy.

We need to get realistic. Most people are really attractive. Note I did not say beauty contest competitors, but most of us being average are not repulsive.

Character, (or lack of such), and our personality play far bigger roles in whether a member of the opposite sex see us as attractive.

There is beauty in places we do not look. Yu-Kym makes a point often over looked.

When she begins to dislike someone, or no longer wants involvement, her judgement system moves that unlucky individual to unattractive status.

A defensive mechanism on Yu-Kym's part?

I would like to read what other think about this topic.


kyrin said...

ahh.. i agree with Yu-Kym, the 'What was a thinking!?' thought after a relationship occurs quite often.
A cliche it might be but the adage that 'Love is blind' applies in this situation. Although i believe 'blind' is an exaggeration, i prefer to think 'rose tinted glasses'.
Perception of people changes depending on how you feel towards them and hence how attracted you are towards them. Simply put, love screws over your perception at times.
My anecdote is about a recently ex girlfriend. She was absolutely stunning. I knew she wasn't a 10 (i wasn't blind) but defiantly an 8.5/10 if not 9. We had our fun but eventually the flames inevitably die. Time passes and BAM! next time i see her i feel something has changed. Physically she hasn't gotten shorter, fatter, even gotten a prettier haircut, same everything but that doesnt stop the realisation of how i ever find this person attractive!? all of a sudden she's a 6/10 at best. 5/10 even. Though i consult my friends, male & female and she's always been and still is an 8/10. But still i keep wondering how i considered her that attractive (7/10 -attractive).

Well this is just my view on things

Anonymous said...

I think everyone is missing the real meaning of "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"! You are all off tandem and creating confusion.

Obviously, when a relationship turns sour and she is no longer beautiful or when I have a few drinks in the pub and even the ugly becomes beautiful, surely these are not to be put into the same pot as the intended meaning of "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"?

silli cat