Night Safari July 2011

I visited the Night Safari in Singapore last month. []

My friend said that she heard that it's the same animals from the zoo but they are let loose at night. Gosh, no! The Night Safari is beside the day Zoo. The animals appear to be free-roaming but the majority are actually separated from visitors by glass or deep pits and electric fences. The animals at the Night Safari are not the ones from the Zoo (but who knows maybe whether they transport the animals from one place to another :D).

Ticketing area

Ticketing booth

Entrance pathway at 6.15pm

Entrance at 6.15pm

I arrived way before the opening time of 7.30pm. There were many people there already, purchasing tickets, eating and in the souvenir shops. I had dinner at a restaurant there, Bongo Burgers. Fortunately, the food didn't take too long to get served.

Food court

Bongo Burgers restaurant

A Bongo Burger

Fish and chips


A queue started forming at 7pm.

Pathway to entrance at 7pm

Entrance at 7.30pm

It was a long wait to get into the amphitheatre to watch the Creatures of the Night show. The TV in the queuing area played the same video over and over again. First, 2 queues of people were allowed to enter. For a moment I thought that the amphitheature was full and I would have to wait till the next show. Fortunately, the amphitheatre was large enough to accommodate the people in my queue too.

It was well worth the wait! I was impressed! The Creatures of the Night show was very entertaining and well-presented. Even the animals seems happy to perform! The wolf was very sporting to howl at the right time! Just a word of advice: if you're afraid of snakes, don't sit in the front half of the theatre!

Owl in Creatures of the Night show

Watch video:

After the show, I wanted to get on the tram but the queue was too long. So I walked instead. The walking path and the tram route are different. There are different animals long each route. E.g. you won't get to see the elephants along the walking route and you won't see the flying squirrels on the tram route.

A few walk-in enclosures allow you to get up close with flying squirrels, bats and flying foxes. The area is much bigger than I recall it was during my last visit about 10 years ago. I only managed to cover 2/3 the area. For so many animals, the place didn't smell strongly of dung.

Some animals like the tiny Tarsier monkey were in hiding. The otters were the friendliest among all the animals there! They would come out of the dark to swim and run for visitors to see.

It's dark and camera flashes are not allowed because they would cause animals to develop cataract over time. You'll need a very good camera and steady hands to take any photos worth keeping. Here's one photo below. Get the idea?

I took the last tram for the night. The tram ride and the commentary on the ride was very good. Sometimes the animals would be crossing the road so the tram would have to stop for them.

Several years ago, a tourist at the MRT station asked me how to get to the Night Safari. At that time, I wondered what the big deal was - because from my recollection of my one and only visit, it wasn't that great. But now, after seeing the tremendous improvement - in terms of the number of animals, the layout and landscaping, the Creature of the Night show, the tram ride and service standard - I highly recommend visiting the Night Safari!

By the way, there's a River Safari under construction. I will visit it when it's ready!


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing wooden statues of male humanoids in the zoo and their private parts have been rubbed smooth and shinny!

Too many hands have been doing the stroking!

Anonymous said...

Is that you in the phony tail and shorts in the first photo?

Yu-Kym said...

That's not me. I was behind the camera.

Majid Ali said...
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Majid Ali said...
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Bean said...

I have not visited the Night Safari for over 16 years. I was dissappointed 16 years ago when I last visited Night Safari.

Would you like to share with us what exactly are the improvements?

Anonymous said...

Do you see any animals mating?

David said...


A most interesting post showcasing an alternative to traditional zoos.

Disney World Animal Kingdom might be the pioneer in large animal parks where the wildlife runs free in habitats similar to their natural homes.

Similar to SGs Night Safari, visitors can view wildlife more or less closely, depending on the animals behaviour. The Night Safari is unique due to the nocturnal animals being the stars.

I would enjoy Night Safari given the opportunity.


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not what I hope to be. But still, I am not what I used to be.
And by the grace of God, I am what I am.

-- John Newton

Anonymous said...

The last time I went to the zoo at night, I saw this girl rubbing herself against those wooden statues ... erh, please don't rush in now...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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