Happy 46th Birthday Singapore!

Contributed by David

Singapore just turned 46!

One of Asia's fastest growing economies boasting one of the world's most educated populations.

Growing pains?

Yes Singapore has known growing pains. Most nations have growing pains. Internal strife, political bickering and name calling are common throughout the world.

Yet SG remains a vibrant island state that has defied the odds for such a small piece of geography.

With no natural resources Singapore has grown the most important resource of all.

Singapore's people.

There are far less free places, less economically sound places and many dangerous places one could be living.

Singapore is a place many desire to live!

Be proud and happy today!

Happy National Day (Birthday) Singapore!


Anonymous said...

Thank you David,

As Singapore celebrates our 46th birthday, few people are acutely aware how vulnerable this city-state is.

As I have written often, it only requires a spark; be it religious, social disparity, or envy between folks, and we find ourselves on the slippery slope of self-destruction.

Having little hinterland, we cannot retreat from any provocation that imperil our survival.

Thee is a Vandal, who takes pleasure in deriding any blemish he can detect - about Singapore.

Silli-cat & myself have rubbished his remarks & I need to explain.

If he's Singaporean, we can be treat him as a misguided but harmless idoilt.

BUT if he is a Malaysian pretending to be a Singaporean, then his comments are a provocation.

History is replete with BAD-BLOOD politics between Singapore & Malaysia.

This can be explained by the actions of their then-Prime Minister Mahartir, who obtain MALAY support of his UMNO party - by citing the Chinese as a race who would dominate Malaysia - with support from Chinese-majority Singapore.

The other was frequent calls by Malaysian politicians - to distract public attention on their corrupted activities; to cut our water supply.

The final straw was PM Mahartir action in confiscating shares of Singaporeans who bought Malaysian shares via a secondary market called Clob.

His motivation ?

To get his dirty paws on the those shares after Singapore refused to give money to bail out his Malaysian cronies who were done by the Asian Currency Crisis.

Instead, we extended Indonesia a line of credit to defend their national currency.

Any provocation by any Malaysian is met swiftly with the pointy end of the Singapore Armed Forces.

Any provocation by a Malaysian pretending to be a Singaporean is met swiftly with a rebuttal - fair language be damned.

So David & the world who have lend support to Singapore, thank you & you can be certain we'll not yield one cent to the envious neighbour up north nor retarded (if any) amongst us.


Yu-Kym said...

Thanks :)

David said...

One thing for certian is that the relationship between SG and Malaysia is uneven. Good some days and frought with tension on others.

One has to look at the how much of the world and no doubt SGs neighbours to the north view your island state.

Few places have experienced such successful and continous growth as SG. Few nations have the high standard of living as SG.

The end result is some envy. SG however is unique. Its size dictates limits on growth. Not however the wealth or success of SGs greatest resource. Its people.

Please correct me is I am wrong. But unlike the UK, I am not aware of SG having a nearly permanent welfare class such as has grown in the UK. Recent rioters in the UK were black and white. Mostly poor. although one girl caught looting is daugher of a millioniare.

Most rioters were also low on the education scale. UK police now admit they were slow to react with enough force to control and contain the hooligans.

Unless SG is supporting a large, poor and poorly educated underclass then the likely chance of SG having similar riots is remote.

Could riots occur in SG. Perhpas, but I suspect the reasone for such unfortunate happenings would be motivated for different reasons.


Anonymous said...

Gee, whole lot of bull, mistaking self-renewal with self-destruction!

“we extended Indonesia a line of credit to defend their national currency. “ – don’t know whether it was true or not, but the Indonesian Rupiah fell like a rock during the crisis!

But it was Malaysia which implemented effective measures against Soros that broke the back of the currency manipulation by (1) suspend free conversion ( float ) of the Malaysian currency (2) All hedge fund are not permitted to remit currency out of the country for 2 years. Because the currency cannot be freely converted or pegged and no capital can be moved out of the country that stopped Soros.

And Soros could not attack the HK dollar because it was backed by China’s huge reserves, so they tried to run the stock market down and the HK government bought up all the shares and made a huge profit.

So study history lah, have some grey matter between your shoulders lah!