Gaming addiction is a brain disorder

My colleague who just got an iPad 2 weeks ago is already addicted to iPad games. I'm proud to say that after having mine for 2 months, I've not become a gaming addict. I played only 1 puzzle game and then stopped because I didn't want to pay to buy new levels :P

I, for one, have been addicted to games at some periods in my life. So it's not hard to understand that people easily succumb to the iPad and iPhone gaming addiction. There aren't many people who have iPhones and iPad and don't play games on them.

Many gaming addicts don't deny that they're addicted. But they just don't see any reason why they should stop. Why do many people get addicted to games?

1. No money, opportunity or ability to do those things in real life
Most people don't have money to buy property like a farm or open a restaurant, or know they shouldn't/can't kill people/monsters but they can do it online.

2. The pleasure of having a sense of accomplishment
They feel smart after solving a puzzle, earning online money, levelling up my character, etc.

3. Escapism
To stop themselves from thinking about their own lives. Maybeh they have naggy parents or they don't want to study.

4. Passing time
They have nothing better to do. E.g. if you have totally nothing to do at work- there are many people with such jobs!

Anything else to add?

Experts say that addiction is a brain disorder, not just a behavioural problem. [Read more]

So, did I have a brain disorder but have recovered from it since? Or can I never recover but can only keep it under control by employing self-discipline or other distractions?


David said...


Some of the physical consequences of video game addiction can lead to social consequences as well. For instance, an addicted gamer who loses sleep because he's playing so much simply doesn't have the energy to invest in relationships. Lack of sleep may also make him irritable and difficult to be around.

The lack of social interaction that results from obsessive gaming can have long-term social consequences. An addicted teenager won't develop effective social skills, which will hinder his ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships in college and beyond.

Whithout thinking or tracking time, this person becomes, 21 but has the social skills of a 15-year-old. He doesn't know how to make friends, talk to girls, or just "hang out” and enjoy people's company. The social awkwardness created by the isolationism of gaming addiction, unfortunately, feeds the addiction. The gaming addict will likely retreat back to his online world where relationships are easier and already waiting for him.

Gaming addiction is serious. Though there still is much debate about whether it is a diagnosable disorder.

Brain disorder is a real possibility. One can speculate that such a person might have an addictive type personality.

I have wasted some time with Angry Birds and a few other games when I am tired, bored, brain dead or as mentioned in need of a quick escape.


Anonymous said...

If i addicted to porn my brain disorder also or not?