Women Victorious in Thailand

Contributed by David

Yu-Kym's recent post on the success of women on the world scene with French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde becoming the new chief of the International Monetary Fund.

Ms. Loh gave notice of the next prime minister of Thailand in Yingluck Shinawatra, the leader of the Pheu Thai party in Thailand’s Sunday elections.

Yingluck Shinawatra says she is ready to form a five-party coalition government. Her announcement came a day after her party dominated national elections with strong support from the north and northeast of Thailand. Unofficial results indicate her party is set to capture 264 seats in the 500-member parliament.Yingluck, who is poised to be Thailand’s first female prime minister, told a Bangkok news conference Monday the new government's goal would be to solve the problems faced by the people.

Thailand’s recent violent clashes between opposition parties and government forces left the capital bloodied. The violence forced to departing government to call elections and Ms. Shinwatra will soon be in a position to aid healing the divisions in her nation.

Margaret Thatcher, for those younger than 35, Mrs. Thatcher was selected in a 1979 election to become Britain’s first women PM. Mrs. Thatcher remains a towering figure in British political history, well deserving of admiration.

PM apparent Ms. Shinawatra needs to grow into such a towering figure. Commanding respect from all sides including her countries military. High unemployment, deep political divisions, border problems with Cambodia, Ms. Shinawatra must distance herself from exiled PM Thaksin Shinawatra, who is Yingluck’s brother.

Yingluck Shinawatra does not, become a clone of her brother and it appears she can as demonstrating by her perceptive campaigning prior to this election, then this first women PM for Thailand has a great chance of being successful.

Barring another military coup in Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra has the opportunity to take the Thai nation into a new era of success.

Let all hope and support her to be a great success!


Anonymous said...

With her close relation links to Thaksin, I am not so sure it will be so smooth for her.

silli cat

David said...


Quite right. If Yingluck mishandles the exile of her brother, even the slighest perception of corruption or nepotism could damage her role as PM and leader.


Anonymous said...

According to the news report she seems to be aware any wrong actions or words of hers will result in severe ramifications for her. So she is gingerly stepping over the minefield.

But I am more afraid of the bloodshed to her people if she takes any wrong steps. Not her nor her party. Who would want to assassinate such a pretty lass? Or am I wrong? keke

silli cat

David said...


Yingluck will have to be careful.

Even the mention that she might consider pardoning her exile brother might bring the opposition into the streets and put her life in danger.

How savvy a leader she will become will be known soon.

One can only hope she is fully aware of the line she must walk as leader of a nation that has seen bloodshed from polictal conflict.

Thailand's military is known for being short in its patience with any civilian leader that appears incompetent.


Yu-Kym said...

I hope she will focus on the right things. Whether or not her brother can return should be the least of her problems. He looks like he's having a good time.

Anonymous said...

The Thai electorate mainly broken into two major camps are emotionally motivated and therefore thinks and behaves irrationally. Whoever is the PM, even Yingluck will have a roller coaster ride even with the right policies.

That is in the nature of Thai politics.

Thailand lost an able and reasonable leader in Ahbisit. But Thailand can survive. Singapore cannot if we go the way of the Thais.

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Thailand is a nation held together by weak links. Their main religion Buddhism has been hijacked by monks who are more interested in worldly wealth than moral uplifting. Their King has to contend with in-fighting by royal factions. The voting public is polarised into 2 main camps with no common ground except enemity. All the statutory institutions are riven with corruption. Politicians, royalty, police, military generals are all jostling to grab as much as they can get. Surrounded by a military dictatorship to the West - Myanmar, corrupted pseudo-communist China to the North, a vengeful Cambodia to the East & a muslim insurgency to the South, every predator is staking a claim on Thailand.

This dire situation is now have a woman as an CEO to rule its political life.

Unless she is incredibly lucky and astute, the Thails must be stupid to vote her party into power.

At least the military junta in Myanmar is not that stupid as to let the goody-two-shoes Nobel-prize winner run their country.


David said...


Your POV regarding Thailand is pessimistic to say the least.

Ms. Yingluck will need luck and cooperation.

Know outside of Thailand knows anything about her skill set.

She might indeed prove to be an effective bridge builder.

The opposing factions in Thailand's politics is composed of people with families.

While some leaders might be fanatical in hatred of the opposition one can hope that there are enough cool heads to work with the new PM elect to find useful and workable solutions for the Thai people.


Anonymous said...


You live in the USA where the only neighbors who might be be irritated by your country is Canada & Mexico.

How aggressive can these 2 countries be ? Against the military & economic might of USA?

You are also blessed with an advanced culture, won 2 world wars and attracts some of this world's best brains to advance your interests.

Does Thailand has any of the above ?

Does Thailand has a national patriot in her histroy ?

Ms Yingluck & her party are just but one of the many factions jostling for power & influence in very challenging circumstances.


Anonymous said...

To continue my earlier observations about Thailand;

To think or hope Ms. Yinluck have luck on her side would require an unrealistic degree of optimism.

Power, wealth & influence have to be shared among the actors.

Neither the military nor royal family wants or trust politicians to call the shots.

Histroy has shown, their military regularly throws out whichever ruling party whenever conditions reached a stalemate.

This is a game where people are killed without hesitation - just to make a point.

In my view, Yinluck lacks ruthlessness, influence and is further disadvantaged by bare-faced antagonism from the royal family & military.

Even if she eliminates her weaker opponents, any gains would be swiped by implacable major factions who lost a lot of "face" in losing the recent elections.

It is naive to think a women can play a game where even her billionaire brother feared for his life.

Even if they assassinate her, what can her red shirts supporters do ? Any further demostration will only led to more bloodshed and fracturing of Thail society.

Indira Ghandi, Mrs Bhutto, the Empress Dowager of ancient China - all tried to play a game where no quarter is given nor asked. The guys are prepared to kill for stakes much less than the post she rightly won.

I do not think she can survive.


Anonymous said...

Asian democracies are not lead by politicians who are motivated by nationalistic ideas; they are more interested in gaining as much Personal power, influence & wealth as possible.

Even European democracies has to experienced wrenching wars; just to stamp on the idea of nationhood on their population.

Successful Asian states are characterised more by "strongman" type of politics. Their people need to BOTH fear & respect the leader. Fear or respect alone is not good enough to build a strong state - in economic, cultural & military sense.

China is an incredibly strong state because the Communist Part dishes out both fear & respect. Ditto - if you observe the countless dynasties in her history.

Ditto - Singapore, where the strongman technique of LKY produced a very successful economic & military state ( I said state, not nation cos there is a difference between the two).

Look at India and Japan. Can anyone say they are powerful states ?


With decades of democracy, they failed to produce a strong leader - Japan managed to produce only a strong economy. The lack of a strong leader makes them influential only within their borders.

I took this long-winded route to illustrate that democracy may not be ideal for Thailand and Asian states. The leaders elected by the democratic process are too beholden to their vested supporters & too afraid to eliminate the influence wielded by their opponents.

As a result, these states can never be strong, and punch above their weight. They just lurch from one set of economic conditions to another - plying to whatever priorities dictated by the major economic powers.

I daresay a nation has a much better chance of survival and have influence beyond her borders if the nation is led by a capable, ruthless and shrewd strongman; rather than just electing leaders or political party based on the whims of the voters.

How much does an ordinary citizen knows about the intricacies of statehood (much less nationhood) to vote for a CEO who can successfully navigate the treacherous waters to a successful outcome in a zero-sum competition with other states or nations ?


Anonymous said...

Kowtow to Con-You, even those Bengalis on construction sites are Foreign Talents who enable SG to “punch above its weight”.

Wasn’t there a strong man behind SG during the 2nd world war in the form of Mr Churchill who declared “Fortress Singapore” would not fall to the Japs. Alas, it was the greatest surrender in military history, over 100,000 men. That made a bloody joke of that Strong Man!

Than wasn’t there that certain Singaporean who believed in collaborating with the Japanese Strong Man and work for the Jap Military Intelligence, who, in other nations, would have been hung up by his balls like Mussolini after the war, but somehow he is now in China celebrating the 90th birthday of the Communist Party, but first he invented the ‘Marxist Plot’ in the 1980s and locked them up!

Strange twist and turns, it just shows they are like snakes without moral or conscience.

Will a ruthless and shrewd strongman able to defend SG from invasion. No way, SG is 25km by 40km; even a canon is able to shoot a shell over 20km range. There is no need to set foot in SG to start shelling and bombing the island to smithereens

Anonymous said...

To all readers who wish to share my 5-cents worth of observation;

Unless you have travel outside of Singapore, you would have seen how mess-up some places are.

Take Malaysia - vast land, abundant water, natural resources, populated mainly by Malays who want uncomplicated lives, pray at mosque & share a simple meal with friends & kin.
Unfortunately, run by Government & Civil service riddled with crooks. Corruption so rife, even Town Council staff ask for money to buy "food".

Thailand - blessed with raw resources. Not their Government's fault but too many "actors" with so-called causes - religion, royal entitlement, military bravado; claiming to represent best interests of nation.

Burma - military dictatorship with weak Civil Institutions but at least they prevented country from being torn asunder or bedeviled by Thai-style politics.

Cambodia - run by thug with minders in Hanoi.

Laos - run by weak central Government, helm in & follow dictates of China.

India - failed nation lapping up major powers' priorities - prime example of country punching below its weight. Maybe a dose of Mao Tse Tung to kick out "Vested Interests" enriching themselves & adopt some basic National Priorities (nuclear arms least of all).

Could go on but the point is - you can build a No. 3 economy in the world; but lack of a strong leader & where is your nation's pride when a starving state with crude atomic devices ( as if China would let them to use it !) leaves you scrambling for Yankee protection.
(yeah, the same Yankee you wanted to kick out from Okinawa Air Base).

Where were your balls when Chinese coast-guard captain rams your navy ships leaving PM looking like he ate 'chicken' for lunch ?

The S. Koreans recognize the advantage of having a strong PM & their leaders - both political & economic; mince no words when they set out to prove nobody intimidates them. Samsung, Hyundai, are leading technologies in their field.

The N. Koreans have strongman politics - yeah if only their strong man don't take a fancy to caviar while the population starve, stops acting like a proxy for China, etc.

So if you still think LKY strongman Governance was not good for Singapore, do inspect any of the paradise elsewhere.

And if you still think my thoughts are hero-worshiping Lee Kuan Yew, then you have not read my comments about our civil & private institutions ( & I can bet you, folks in PAP who happen to come across my acid thoughts are quite pleased someone is speaking up for Singapore ).

:) Leo

PS. - My fave subject :- Malaysia bashing ! There're 2 or 3 spoilt-brats up north, who (for lack of tuition lessons ) think Singapore is indefensible.

Frankly Singapore generates so much wealth for 'everybody', if some bird-brain points a gun at us - if we don't get to them first, the Yanks & Indonesians would be next in line - pardon the crude language; to cut their circumcized pricks off & stuff it down their throats.

That hurt ? Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!

And tuition, yes tuition, that PM-aspiring son-in-law of an ex-PM (who is one of the nicer PMs you produce) needs tuition. Malaysians, you are allowing Mr Kh....y to insult your intelligence if he is still shouting Singapore is the bogeyman.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, we have travelled overseas, came back and realised there are so many anomalies.

“There is no corruption in Singapore!” That is humbug! Because it has been legalised. It is legal for ministers to have a wage that is over 200 work-years earning of any Singaporean. Is that fair? Oooh, the excuse is that “You must pay us such humongous salaries to stamp out corruption”. But that is BLACKMAIL, because what THEY ARE REALLY SAYING IS “UNLESS YOU USELESS SINGAPOREANS PAY US SUCH HUGE SALARIES, WE WILL STILL BE ABLE TO GET OUR PAY TO THAT FIGURE BY COLLECTING MONEY UNDER THE TABLE! So you idiots, you better pay us such huge salaries so that we don’t have to collect protection money”. Hence, it is legalised corruption! It is greed!

In other countries, you can stage demonstrations. In SG, the law says not more than 3 people can march together without police approval, otherwise they will end up in jail. Hey, that is Gestapo terrorism. Gestapo wear TWO Lightning Strikes on their badges, and in Singapore, we all know who are the people wearing ONE Lightning Strikes on their badges, oh yes, they must be the little brother of those Nazi Gestapo!

And yeah, SG under Con-You loves Yankee protection. Don’t you know there is a US air force base ( at the old international airport ) and ELINT base at SG? Naval base houses US warships etc. We bought US second hand fighter jets at sky high prices and which Japan has recently grounded all of them ( because they break up in mid air even though the US has claimed fault has been fixed !)

Looks like Con-You is bending over and greased up to both US and China, no wonder he has a pinky son!

We don’t have to follow his example, we are not gay. We can stand up straight.

Yu-Kym said...

Let's stick to facts. Insults like whoever being gay only discredits yourself.

David said...


Are you the unofficial spokesperson for pessisimist of the world?

Reading your comments almost yell out Abandon hope all yee who enter here...


Anonymous said...

Aww....... David,

I had thought better of you - really, where did I sound pessimistic ?

And where was there a message in my ramblings "abandon hope .......... ?"

Come and live in Asia. Then you will have a taste of our culture, maybe even understand our insecurities ( both real & "made-up" by politicians ).

Just because democracy - USA or Europe style is not widely embraced in Asian countries; does not mean we or I am a pessimist - regarding democracy for my country.

In all human societies, there is always a Master-slaves hierarchy. You guys shook off the M-S much earlier than us - and found democracy to your liking.

We ain't there yet.


Anonymous said...

With due respect to David and anyone who disagreed with my views;

There is a whole lot of subject matter I have written; and I welcome anyone to take pot shots, ie disagree.

The occasional mad ravings of an imbecile is also welcomed - it is not my desire to sound smart - but he sure does a fine job of letting readers distinguish between observations learned the hard way & retarded articulations.

Good night everyone, hope you enjoyed yourselves - I did.


David said...


Your remarjs near being an insult of all Asian peoples by implying they either have just moved into a type of democratic infancy or are trapped in an unofficial master-slave culture.

The style of politics may be different. At times the stridency may seem outrageous, but there is more than one style of democracy.

Wars in democracies are fought with ideas and words. It is true the lies, damn lies and half-truths abound in most democracies.

The current political theatre in the States over the debt ceiling is a great example of politic-speak.

I have more faith in Asian nations to move foreward in improving the societies found in the region.

Some leaders to be sure would rather be dictatorial, but such leaders diminish in numbers.


Anonymous said...


" trapped in an unofficial master-slave culture... is GOOD FOR YOU" is the mantra brain-washed into Singaporeans by Con-You and
Pee-And-Poo Party.

Now you see the evidence of the fruits of such brain-washing.

Yu-Kym said...

I agree with Leo that many here leaders want the power, influence & wealth rather than a better life for the people.

Anonymous said...

To All Readers,

David, either my memory or my observations of Asian history is pretty lousy or you have not enlightend me with some basis to support your opinions.

Lets look at your latest comments;

I "insulted ALL Asian people by implying we just moved into democratic infancy or are trapped in a Master-slave culture .... ?"
Read carefully, I mentioned ALL Human societies, not just Asian.

How many years have gone by, since Slavery was abolished in USA ?
150 years ? When did the Colonial Powers left Asia ? 70 years ? How many years does David thinks Asian states have experienced democratic politics ?

For someone who wish democracy to arrive sooner in Asia; David, your fellow countrymen did not help much by supporting;
(1)a corrupted President Marcos of
(2)a corrupted President Park of
South Korea,
(3)a corrupted President Thieu of
South Vietnam (before Vietcong
& N. Vietnam army threw you
guys out,
(4)a corrupted PM of Japan who was
exposed by Lockheed Aerospace
bribery scandal,
(5)a corrupted ex-President of
Indonesia, ......
Tell me, which Asian democracy in its infancy - was not compromised by US interests - by corruption or interference in their political & economic process ?

David, .... , if you only knew how HYPOCRITICAL Americans sound when preaching about Democracy !

And you have the intellect to say I INSULTED all Asians ?

You wrote; "Wars in democracies (I think you mean wars 'between' democratic states) are fought with ideas & words ...... ".
Well, President Thieu was elected
by a democratic process - a fat lot of good - democracy did for S. Vietnam - the country no longer exist !

Contrast S.Vietnam with Myanmar.
If the "strongman" military regimne let Ms Aung Suyi govern on democratic principles, all of Myanmar territories who have been lost to Drug lords to the north, Thais to the east & Indians to the west. You & I could debate till the cows come home; the military regimne do not have that luxury - they have a country to keep intact.

I'm not promoting dictatorship.

I am just saying a strong Leader; even if he rules with little democratic institutions, is better than a weak Leader with lots of democratic institutions - IN CONDITIONS where democratic process would be abused, obligated to vested interests, or subject to interference by powerful neighbouring nations (the US & European Powers being the worst culprits).

To hit the point home for David - President Kruschev of USSR would make President Obama eat chicken during the Cuban missiles crisis.

If Lee Kuan Yew had not rule Singapore with a ruthless hand - imbeciles can eat shit for all he (and I) cares, we may not be singing our own national anthemn.

Yu-Kym requests I refrain from bashing Malaysia; the very same country whose leaders tolerated public articulations on sabotaging Singapore's economy by cutting our water supply.

Well, I am sorry she feels I am too anti-Malaysian in publishing my views in her blog.

In any self-respecting blog, if you state a wish for a female PM for Singapore - in the vein of the recent elections in Thailand; be prepared for vociferous objections from others who oppose your ideas !

I think readers are entitled to hear the views of someone who can remember the racial riots in Singapore - incited by political elements in Malaysia no less.

As ever, I stand corrected;
just make sure you fully understand my point AND you have some credible news to offer.

Thanks, everyone.


David said...


I suppose living in SG and so near to Thailand you are familiar with the political scene better than I could ever be over here.

It would appear that SGs leaders, along with Thailand's might be BHO's inspiration. Remake society so only your friends benefit and screw the rest of the public.

Of oourse here in the States the military have never attempted a coup and I cannon imagine a scenario where a coup would be possible with public support.

SG is a peculiar case. An island without resources and a high standard of culture and living.

Are the leaders truly so corrupt they demand high pay in order keep the nation functioning?


Anonymous said...

To Yu-Kym & others listening in,

Every or most politicians need allies to help them run a country and also fend off internal opposition. It is almost inevitable; some leaders or their allies would enrich themselves.

But is it a fair statement to say that Singapore's leaders remake society so that ONLY their friends benefit and the rest of the public be screwed ?

Singapore is one of the smallest island state in the world. Devoid of any natural resources, we managed to carve out a decent pie for ourself and achieved a standard of living that is not matched in many more-developed countries.

So there is no justification to say the rest of the SG public got screwed.

As for whether the high salaries paid to SG leaders are good for SG, the jury is still out on that matter. But it is certainly not the case, our leaders are so corrupted that they can demand high salaries to solve the problems of this island state.

It was Mr Lee Kuan Yew's judgement that the salaries of his ministers be pegged to the salaries of CEOs of the largest MNCs in Singapore - say, Shell, Exxon, SIA, etc. He considered that his ministers were performing work equivalent to CEOs.

Being one of the founding fathers and most experienced politician & leader of the ruling party, we accept his decision. Success or failure of this policy would be laid squarely at his door.

I can see dis-advantages & advantages for this unusual move - it has a very high political cost to the ruling party and it set a very bad (inflationary) precedent for every civil servant to clamour to be paid higher & higher wages.

However, running a country is not an exact science and I have yet to meet a person with the guts to make such as decision.


Anonymous said...

“It is a fair statement to say that Singapore's leaders remake society so that ONLY their friends benefit and the rest of the public be screwed”

Example (1) During the colonial times, when Con-You came to power, he forced all Chinese schools to stop using Chinese as medium and changed to English as education medium. And he called Chinese school students “bums”. Now we have generations of SGers, ethnic Chinese, but poor in Chinese comprehensive, speech and literature. They literary “remake” SG society for the worst.

Example (2) Then as China becomes a superpower, and Con-You can see that his future lies in closer business ties with the economic superpower, he went to China to congratulate the Communist Party on her 90th birthday, and praise them that within 20 years, China will become world’s largest economy surpassing USA ( and of course, please hand Singaporeans some unpaw lah ). Now he says everyone in SG must improve their Chinese language, including Malays and Indians in SG must try and learn Chinese language. How he says Chinese school students are very smart, far better than their English school counterparts. Has SGers suddenly become dumb?

Example (3) Let the public be screwed – they are the world’s highest paid politician. Con-You as minister has a salary 10x that of Obama’s when Obama runs a country of 350 million people with trillions in revenue and Con-you runs a city of 4 million people with revenue in billions.

Example (4) When Con-you’ s grand-son found the Chinese test too hard to past to get into NUS, he lower the standard required to past the test – So “remake society” to suite himself!

Example (5) Chook-Dongs ‘asset value appreciation” in the 90s that artificially boosted HDB prices to make SG’s GDP look better but created high inflation that remain to this day. Suits the rich as it boosted the value of their property holdings.

Want more examples?

“ SG carve out a decent pie for ourself and achieved a standard of living that is not matched in many more-developed countries.”

Haa haa haa LOL, that is an excuse we heard millions of times from those wearing the ONE LIGHTNING STRIKE on their badges ( they are the little brothers of Nazi Gestapos and used all their tactics, like lying, false propaganda etc )

The key word is “not matched in many more-developed countries” – you are in self denial.

Go over to Malaysia, you see a middle class family living in a 2 story house, 2 cars cost less than $500K. The equivalent in SG will be $5 million upwards. Can SG’s ordinary middle class afford it. NO, YOU HAVE TO BE ABSOLUTELY RICH IN SG TO HAVE THE SAME STANDARD OF LIVING AS IN MALAYSIA’S MIDDLE CLASS.

So now SG is working on shoe-box HDB flats to accommodate the middle class.

So idiots, in SG, the cost of living is the highest in the world, the standard of living is actually 3rd world!

CEOs of the largest MNCs in Singapore - say, Shell, Exxon, SIA, etc. actually earn a salary less that Con-You’s.

He has coned us again.

Anonymous said...

Why I defend LKY's politics;

In 1965, Singapore gained full independence.

We were dirt poor & overcrowded. The Communist had chased Nationalist army out of China & were hell bent to create an "equal" society.

Waves of chinese left China for SG & SE Asia.

In SG, lack of strong Government bred chaos & people sought security thru triads & secret societies. Corruption was rampant, jobs scarce & workers were exploited.

Political leaders of every creed were jostling for power. PAP & Barisan Socialists, formed Government in one of 1st elections held.

Differences in ideology culminated in a walk-out by Barisan MPs.

PAP wanted capitalism but Barisan wanted socialism. Barisan supporters including Unions & triads started strikes. Re-elections were called, Barisan Socialists defeated & PAP had clear mandate to govern & enact laws in Parliament.

Internal Security Act was passed. Triad, Union & opposition Leaders were jailed without trial for their nefarious activities.

Meanwhile, Indonesia under President Sukarno launched Confrontation against Malaya & SG - on the pretext of weeding out communism.

SG joined Federation of Malaysia.

Indonesian troops landed on Malaysian shores & fire fights broke out. It did not last long. Sukarno withdrew his troops. He was disposed by General Suharto, who ruled with more pacifist outlook.

LKY wanted a Malaysia with no special status for any race but Malay leaders thought otherwise. PAP sought votes under 'Malaysia for Malaysians (and not just Malays)'. Their Malay leaders declared LKY's politics would split Malaysia & booted SG out of the Federation.

Their parting shot- "lets see how you can run Singapore when we can turn off your water supply anytime".

Malay politicians pride themselves as stars on their stage. The Rulers of each state did not share that view. SG bought water from southernmost state, Johore whose Sultan was not enamored by political circus in the Capital, Kuala Lumpur.

In such Protracted circumstances, SG was born.

Even so, Malaysians had a lease on a Naval Base sited in Singapore. They also owned a Railway line that runs into heart of downtown SG.

Now does anybody wonder why first thing SG Defence Minister did; was impose NS - where able-bodied males above 18 years, must undergo military training ?

The outbreak of war in Indo China was an economic impetus.

Exxon Corp., bless them, choose Singapore to build an oil refinery to produce fuel for B52 bombing missions. Other MNCs followed, Texas Instruments, Caltex Oil, etc, & Singapore economic miracle was born.

The City-state Singapore would not have developed to 1st World status without the support & investments from US Companies.


And does anybody wish to whine about US Aircraft Carriers making port calls in SG ? ( to Imbecile who wrote about LKY greasing up to US, if you are a Malaysian - well, now you know why & who will cut your fucking pricks off whenever you dream about cutting off our water supply; if you are Singaporean, my advice is -"grow up, learn manners & show gratitude for a stomach full from food".

David, if my comments have caused offence, please accept my apologies for a spirited defence of a gentleman, who devoted much of his life - to make Singapore what it is today.

Unless Singapore owns 2 Battlegroups of Aircraft Carriers at the disposal of the Defence Minister, we can have the luxury of a woman Prime Minister. I do not for one moment, think natives in this region, are friendly.

They are only PRETENDING to be.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

When Singapore gained independence, other ASEAN countries independence too, and they were poor, and they were in the same mess too - the mess was purposely left behind by the colonialists.

Now ASEAN countries are well off. Do you think Singapore is richer than other ASEAN countries?

They don't have such thing as Shoebox HDB flats, and not 85% of the population live in public housing like Singapore!

What is spectacular about Singapore is the freefall devaluation of its currency vs other developed countries e.g.

In 2000 SGD $1 = AUD $1.10
In 2005 SGD $1 = AUD $0.85
In 2010 SGD $1 = AUD $0.70

You definitely can fell the inflationary effect n Singapore as things get more and more expensive.

Is that the sign of a strong economy??

Anonymous said...

Will Anonymous who compared SG $ to Australian $ - kindly state whether he is a Singaporean.

If he's Malaysian (and wish to try my blade), he should pose the question to his political Leaders; they should know the answer unless they are even more retarded than him.

I detect an implicit slur against SG - in his derisive remarks about shoe-box apartments AND 85% of their population not living in public housing.

If he is Singaporean, I invite him to emigrate to Malaysia. That would increase average IQ of the population of both countries.

The mathematics of average IQ is simple - a stupid person leaving a reasonably-smart society increases it's average IQ

Same stupid person emigrates to a MORE-stupid society also increases it's average IQ.

By choosing one currency, he is so happy to pronounce SG currency is in Spectacular freefall.

The only thing I find Spectacular is his desire to display his IQ.

Drop your slurs, and I'll accommodate your confused brain, more charitably.


Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry for using the tip of a sable for my inkbrush, in my recent contributions.

I think I left a trail of blood; after slashing some imbecile's hind quarters.

Should he feel the urge to display more imbecile comments, I'm all ears.

Frankly, I think he is a Singaporean who had a run-in with elements of our ruling party. Or perhaps his relatives had.

If so, someone must have taught him/them politics is a polite & fair game - where opposing players greet each other pleasant mornings after a night of back stabbings.

Nationhood is not a concept easily understood or accepted by groups of people living together.

Look at tribal differences within every African State. These people feel more allegiance to their Ethnic identity than any National identity ( determined within borders created by former colonial powers).

Singapore also has its share of ethnic differences. It was not so long ago, SG Malays went on a rampage, following example set by Malays in Kuala Lumpur - who set upon Malaysian Chinese - slashing man, women & child with parang knives.

SAF was mobilised to enforce a curfew.

The racial riots left a fissure between SG Chinese & Malays that is felt to this day.

From past bad blood & rivalry with Malaysia, we constantly remind ourselves not to take Racial-harmony for granted.

In SG, anyone inciting racial disharmony will be swiftly shunted to prison.

Ditto - for union leaders calling for strikes, anyone playing with politics of envy, anyone casting aspersions on others religious beliefs.

Our Internal Security Act provides imprisonment without trial - go straight to jail.

Human rights groups in the West express outrage with this Act.

To us, the peaceful society we enjoy, is thanks to this very same Act.

Most ordinary citizens do not comprehend how difficult it is to run a country. The expectations of the citizens can sometimes be at opposing ends. Satisfy one group & another group goes on warpath !

No less easy, is the art of managing relations between countries.

For small countries like SG, failure is not a choice. It is to be avoided at all cost.

We spend considerable time & resources, examining the inner workings of our nearest neighbour states - in order to prevent or at least manage unnecessary tension.

But if the push ever comes to a shove, there is no doubt in the minds of their military planners, the prospect of a reversion to stone-age civilization; is a very real scenario for THEM.

I write these articles, in the hope that readers both near & far, understand the situation faced by SG.

This is why we arm ourselves to the teeth; and concurrently build an economy with the minimal number of destitute and hungry folks.

Thank you everybody, for listening in.

Leo - a plain & ordinary citizen unconnected to the SG Government.

Anonymous said...

Here are more imbecile comments, let me have your ears.

I am a Singaporean who has a wonderful holiday in KL, similar to what has been experienced by this web host.

Some SGer feels that cannot be true lah, KL is some ulu area. How can it be as prosperous as or even more prosperous than SG? “We are the best”, “we have fucking done it” these are the kind of proclamation you hear in SG. Well, people with no grey matter have been brain washed completely!

In SG, anyone making racial comment will be swiftly shunted to prison, so please grease up lah.

Ditto - for union leaders calling for strikes, so don’t you ever ask for a higher pay else …. You know what will happen.

Our Internal Security Act provides imprisonment without trial - go straight to jail…. What a wonderful judiciary system, uno in the world.

For small city like SG, failure is not a choice. It is to be avoided at all cost. Hence it is important to grease up to everyone so that they can return our favours. We keep the cheapest army on earth by paying NSmen the same pay as a Pino maid for two and half years.

We arm ourselves to the teeth by buying second-hand weapons like unique airplanes from the US where the front of the plane can fly independently of the rear, but some pilots are too scared to take it to the air.

Anonymous said...

“It was not so long ago, SG Malays went on a rampage”

Do people know that Malays in SG enjoy more preferential treatment than other races – don’t believe this? Go and do you research!

David said...

What many describe in these comments are growing pains.

Racial, religious, ethnic and political differences are only exacerbated in a small nation state like SG.

Reviewing or reliving past grievances is useful only one wishes to look for lessons learned from such periods of strife.

If one seeks to open old wounds then I question that persons motive.

No democracy is perfect. Decent places to live, good places to live and grow to be sure.

One only has to look at the dictatorships around the world.

Anyone reading this looking to settle in North Korea or Syria?

SG just celebrated National Day, and all SG citizens should learn from mistakes in the past and plan for more forward looking future.


Anonymous said...

Hi David,

Thank you for the kind words you have, for my city-state's birthday.

To view our progress in these 46 years;

While democracy is pretty good in many respects, economic wealth & a decent standard of living, is better, much better.

Especially for a newly-independent island beset by racial disharmony & economic poverty - in 1965.

Everyone knows - Singapore was transformed into one of the safest & cleanest city in 46 years. And we did not even have a drop of water or a pebble of our own - to do it.

And we still do not.

So any 'Singaporean' who visit Malaysia (to check out all the wonderful landed houses that 85% of Singaporeans are unable to afford) & enjoyed getting 250 Malaysian ringgit with only 100 SG $$, and still got the cheek to say,

(1) what is so spectacular about our economy when SG $ have depreciated against Australian $,
(2) Singapore is run like Nazi Germany,
(3) LKY greased himself to the Americans & China's politicians,
(4) SG polticians blackmailed us with their salary demands,
etc, etc,

is either an INGRATE who benefited from living off the efforts of people who have build this country, or a Malaysian who resents the lack of any circus-show(a daily staple in Malaysia) in SG politics.

If he is a hypocrite, I have an abundance of thoughts designed to go in deep in his belly, not guts cos he's got none.

( if he's non-Singaporean or a Malaysian with PR status in SG, then he has over-stayed his welcome & should haul his jack-arse back to Malaysia or equivalent cess-pit ).

We may celebrate our country's birthday, but we know to whom we owed no thanks.


Anonymous said...


While I am not promoting dictator- ships, those who coupled firm rule with good governance; are better than being swallowed by an envious neighbor.

The military-royalty-Buddhist axis would never give up their political hold over Thai society.


They lived in a dangerous neighborhood.

For it was not so long ago, Thailand was a support base for USA to wage a war against the Vietcon & their N. Vietnam allies.

Who knows whether the N. Vietnamese masters want some payback ?

That insecurity made the military a very powerful & relevant State Organ in Thai politics.

Therefore, the norms of democracy cannot work in Thailand.

Mr Thaksin was their ablest Prime Minister. Yet the King failed to protect him - leading the military to charge him under of all things - corruption. For Thaksin must have known & tried to get military top-brass on his side - only to be thwarted by powerful but envious royal family members. So in failing an able Prime Minister, the King failed Thai society at large.

And perpetuate the uneasy balance-of-power amongst all the current actors.

Ms Yingluck, a newbie politician, sister of their mortal enemy, belongs to Red Shirts who deeply embaressed the former Government with a sit-in during an ASEAN Heads of State meeting, won an election despite the concerted efforts of her implacable opponents; just one of these factors would have been enough to doom her.

And she, an attractive woman at that, is supposed to gain the co-operation / obedience of powerful faction leaders - men more accustomed to getting attractive women to pander to their whims & fancy ?

When these same men have already controlled anything worth controlling; what has she got to offer ?

The way I see it, only the King has the real mandate to make democratic process work. Not the mandate from the voters.

Does He wants to?


Anonymous said...


I must add too that with all due respect, the King of Thailand can do much more to prevent turmoil, crisis after crisis and needless death. He has not done even nearly enough. Sad.

With all his influence and revere at his disposal, I dont have to elaborate further what I think of his ability to do good for his lovely country and his equally wonderful people.

For the sake of his people (and I want to revisit this lovely country at peace again), I hope when Yingluck eventually mis-step (and she surely will, not because of her inablities but because of the two warring factions), the King of Thailand will play a more decisive role in setting a calmer path towards a viable democratic Thailand.

silli cat

Anonymous said...

To the self-admitted imbecile who unfortunately is a Singaporean, I say hey! why dont you pack up and go! Anywhere lah as long as you dont live in Singapore and call yourself a Singaporean.

But hear this coz you may be happy....even if you are no longer here and no longer a singaporean, your imbecile mouth can still spew all manner of opinions about Singapore. As long as you leave for good I am happy.

If that truly happen, I wish you a happy existence in your new country of abode. But I have the utmost sympathy for your newly adopted country and her people. hahaha

silli cat

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Chook-Dong's children has heed this call and quitted Sillipore for the UK!

Anonymous said...

Many have quitted Sg including so prominent people and celebrities!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful development! Silli cat's glad that these so called prominent ppl an celebrities have quit Singapore! We dont need these "wise" types. Pls tell who these quitters are so that I may congratulate them. lol

silli cat

David said...

Silli cat,

How Thailand's royal family influence the nations poltics is hard to quantify.

What one cannot know is who and what do the king's advisors report to him. Are they partial, or leaning towards one party or the other.

Royal families can be a good or bad influence on the policies of nations that have such systems.

Thailand's royal family is a great unknown on this side of the Pacific.


Anonymous said...


Royal families sitting on gilded thrones, living the good life and yet revered by all and more yet not keeping in touch of the ground and too dependent and too trusting of so called advisors ought to be dethroned. lol

silli cat