Sweet and creamy desserts

Some people would travel far and wide in search of their favourite food. One country with fantastic desserts is Philippines. With condensed milk widely used in their desserts, it's no wonder they are sweet and creamy!

I've not been to the Philippines before and don't have plans to go there. If you go there or have friends coming to Singapore, you may want to ask them to get you these:

Here's the address:


Anonymous said...

ehhh ..can i try some of those , let me know k ..

Yu-Kym said...

So nice and sweet, they're all gone!

Anonymous said...

That is why most Pinos die young.

Have you ever met any Pinos living up to 85 to 90 years old.

By that time their blood vessels are already blocked up!

Anonymous said...

I thought you mean the "cream pie' in porn movies?!