Singapore Airlines - World's 2nd best airline

Singapore Airlines has been awarded 2nd place for World's Best Airline 2011. Qatar Airways got the top spot. [Read more]

Singapore Airlines is our national pride. I haven't heard of Singaporean employees who would prefer to fly by another airlines for business trips if they could fly in Singapore Airlines.

But Singaporeans have a love-hate relationship with Singapore Airlines. Many Singaporeans claim to be treated as 3rd-class citizens.

In the cabin, I've felt that the cabin crew does treat everyone equally well, helping everyone with their luggage, and being polite and smiley. They would get me fresh milk to go with my coffee / tea (after pointing out that I've a sachet of creamer) without looking irritated, even when I'm in economy class. In business class, I feel I was treated well too - the cabin crew gives equal attention to foreigners and Singaporeans.

There was 1 recent incident that got me irritated. It happened at KLIA, Malaysia airport. I was queuing to check-in. I was 2nd in line. The guy ahead of me had bag after bag of check-in baggage. There were 2 guys behind me. The ground crew invited the Singaporean Chinese man dressed in jeans and a business jacket behind me to go to the check-in counter for business class, then she proceeded to tell the other guy, an Indian man in business wear, behind me that he could go to that counter afterwards. So I turned around and asked her why the people from the back of the queue were invited to use the business counter. She said that was for single travellers and asked me whether I was travelling alone. I answer yes. (I was standing there alone for so long with 2 small bags. Duh.) She said, "In that case, you can also go to that counter." What a lame question. Whether people had baggage to check-in or whether they had already done an Internet check-in would be appropriate, wouldn't it? The Indian man behind me didn't fight with me to check-in at the business counter after the Singaporean man was done. (After I'd checked-in, the guy ahead of me in the original queue was still not done.)

I felt that that female ground crew practised gender and racial discrimination: the Chinese man deserves to be served before the Indian man and the Chinese woman though he was last in line.


Anonymous said...

Very unacceptable behaviour indeed! I would be extremely p***** off.

Anonymous said...

Yu-Kym said it right in someways about SQ. But for me, I love SQ but I also hate SQ for its high prices. But I understand its quality, motives and business sense.

Although I dont travel on business trips too often annually, over the years whenever I do, I insist on travelling on SQ. I have never come across discrimination against me or other Singaporean passengers by SQ cabin crew. Absolutely and surely not in business class!

I've heard about this grouse though I can never personally testify to its truthfulness. But black sheeps do exist. If it does happen occasionally - it would likely be concerning a passenger or a cabin crew on an off-day perhaps? And in economy class, not business or 1st when the attention is spot-on especially in SQ.

But when I travel on personal expenses, my 1st choice has always been to travel also on SQ but alas because of the ridiculously high premium, not too infrequently I have to choose other airlines, whether economy or business class.

I believe these days discrimination (if any) against fellow citizens by SQ staff is much more uncommon. In the old days perhaps. I believe SQ has cleaned up its act and her staff realise all customers are important revenue and profit generating. SQ cannot afford to slack with other airlines like Qatar chasing and sometimes clinching the lead.

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Tiger grounded for safety reasons and it is 40% owned by SQ.

There are safety problems with SQ.

I NEVER EVER fly SQ, avoid the shit as far as possible!

David said...


You and other travelers in SG and Asia are fortunate to have SG airlines.

Northwest, now part of Delta Airlines, had a deserved nickname of Northworse.

Delta is marginally better. However U.S. flagged carriers now have fees for everything. Carry on baggage. There is a fee per bag. Check through bags, $25 to $35 USD for the first two bags. Need another bag then the price can go as high as $100 USD!

I have never flown an international flight nor a tran-oceanic flight. People who have say the food and service is better.

SIA, Korean Air among a few have excellent reputations for gracious service and great food.

My next flight will be a 800km domestic business trip. The flight is so short it will use a commuter jet that holds 45-55 passengers. The upside, one class seating. The down side, only cookies. coffee, tea or juice for inflight snacks.

I will likely bring a bagged meal from the airports food court on board.

Later in the fall my wife and I will fly to Florida. That 3.5 hour flight will be coach class and the seats will be tight, the food cookies or peanuts. One can pay for a bagged or boxed meal but at $15 to $25 USD per meal we are better off bringing something from the Airport food court with us.

Safe and happy travels!