Recycling made me lunatic

I brought my bag of unwanted paper, in my re-useable bag, to sell to a recycling company. As the guy weighed the bag with the paper inside, I told him that I still wanted my bag. He said Ok but proceeded to take my bag and the paper to his lorry. I followed him and said very loudly (almost yelling like a mad woman), "I STILL WANT MY BAG." He turned around said, "Yes, I know," emptied the bag into the pile of paper in the lorry, then returned my bag to me. I was slightly embarassed about my mad behaviour but, hey, I really like my re-usable bag. For my small pile of paper, the guy gave me a generous 50 cent coin - which I think was my reward for being the craziest customer of the day.


Anonymous said...

It happens. Sometimes you will never know the actions of the other individual.

You are normal, my dear Yu-Kym

silli cat

gimmebanana said...

haha tats funny of u

David said...


Thank you for providing supporting evidence that women are indeed more moody.

This is one of those basic differences between males and females.

Then again the man ignoring you just may have been not much into customer service and is just rude.

To many people in public contact jobs treat the client indifferently without any apparent concern.

Bad for businesses and thier image.


Anonymous said...

David Hello! Are you having a mood swing?

the man was neither rude nor did he ignore Yu-Kym! I would say the man understood pretty well her request. And Yu-Kym was just a wee bit too anxious and mis-read the man's actions.

Pls re-read her account. It's just an unfortunate minor case of a misunderstanding or miscommunication. Funny too!

silli cat

David said...


You could be right.

I can only say that is you were present to observe Yu-Kym and the man at the recycling centre then the body language of both would be known.

The paragraph Yu-Kym wrote can be interpreted in more than one way.

I just hope Yu-Kym found the 50 cents worth the aggravation.


Yu-Kym said...

silli cat, I've lost my food and tissue paper to food court cleaners because I was too slow in telling them to stop throwing my stuff away. I certainly didn't want to lose my bag here :(

David, moody? I only over-reacted to avoid losing my precious bag. Anyway, these are rag-and-bone men. I can't expect them to be happy and friendly but this man was actually :)

Anonymous said...

This tissue paper controversy to reserve seats in food court or hawker centres is interesting.

Would Yu-Kym like to blog on this typically Singaporean behaviour?

silli cat