My mum almost attacked by Indian man

My mum was on her way home by bus one evening. She stood up from her seat to alight. An Indian man took her seat after she stood up. She said he was properly dressed and decent looking. While waiting for the bus to reach the bus stop, she and the Indian man made eye contact. He smiled at her so she smiled back. Then she alighted when the bus stopped.

She was shocked to find the man behind her. She found him suspicious because he had taken her seat when she got up but now he'd alighted at the same bus stop as her? He asked her for directions. The bus stop was dimly lit. She didn't hear exactly where he wanted to go but she pointed somewhere and quickly walked towards the road kerb where the lighting was better. Fortunately, he did not follow her.

She was afraid he would attack her and snatch her bag. She said that she doesn't think he would want to rape a woman her age. But my sister and I warned her that a few years ago, an Indian worker raped an elderly lady in Singapore. He even apologised to her after raping her!

So the bottom line is: don't be friendly with strangers! He must have concluded that he could execute his "ideas" already in his mind when she smiled back at him.

Don't blame us women for being "dao" to ignore guys who talk to us or make eye contact. Nobody can tell which guy is a psycho.

Note: This is not a racist post. Women should be cautious regardless of the age/race of the man. My sister is requesting the town council to change the lights at that bus stop to brighter ones.


Anonymous said...

If any interaction with a stranger is considered a possible attack, then by all means, lock yourself up from the rest of the world.

In the meantime, I am finding this post rather ridiculous, and to be honest, also quite offensive, despite your disclaimer.

Yu-Kym said...

Are you a woman?

David said...


All women have to be cautious when traveling on public transportation.

Late in the evening, in poorly lighted areas a women of any age is potential prey for the male predator.

Rape might be the least that might occur. Being attacked and left injured or dying has happened not only in SG, but every where women venture alone.

Your remark was not racist, perhaps a bit indiscreet. A male predator can be from any background or ethnicity.

It might be wise for someone your mother knows to meet her at that stop if that is part of her regular schedule. For her own protection someone that she knows and trust waiting for her could go a long way to keep her safe!


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