Memory blanks

I went to the Night Safari yesterday evening. It was my 2nd visit there. I went there 10 years ago. I can't remember who I went with the last time. It must have been a guy who drove but I can't put a face to the memory.

All that comes to mind is an empty face like a Skype or MSN avatar.

I didn't take any pictures. Digital cameras weren't cheap then so I didn't have one. I recall we sat on the tram and also walked around.

I think I can't remember who the guy was because I spent the whole night looking at the animals and didn't look at his face.


Anonymous said...

very sad indeed, i think he must be damme regret to go there with you if he now read abt shows that you simply don't bother thats all..

David said...


I have an opposite problem.

I can remember a face, but forget the name!


Anonymous said...

That is very common.

Girls can get their memory zapped when they get a really strong organism!

Yu-Kym said...

It was 10 years ago. Obviously, I didn't keep in touch with that guy. I don't enjoy hanging out with people who spend too much time regretting this and that.

David, thankfully, the name comes back to my mind the moment I talk to the person :)

If the orgasm was strong, it would be memorable!