Hey guys, tech-savvy women find you boring in bed!

When a woman turns you down for sex, you should thank her for saving your ego. She's probably going to doze off while having sex or ask you, "Are you done?" because she wants to run off to play with her computer, handphone or gaming device.

While some guys may like "tech babes", they are more likely to turn you down for sex than non-tech babes.

Tech-savvy women 'prefer to surf the internet than have sex', according to a recent study. [Read more]

There was a similar study in 2008:
46% of women would rather go without sex for two weeks than give up the Internet for that long. The numbers get bigger for certain age groups; 49% of women aged 18-34 would make that choice, and 52% of women aged 35-44.
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So where is all this going?

Men who have evolved in response to this trend are living their lives in online or virtual worlds because that's where the babes have gone. If they can't get sex in real life, at least they can get virtual sex online - and it doesn't matter whether their virtual partner is a real life babe or real life dude.


Anonymous said...

That is typically true in the uSA where the girl you are shagging is thinking "When is my next fee paying customer arriving?"

That is why countries like Australia has classified Facebook website as 18+.

It is full of prostitutes advertising without the hard core porn.

In the USA where unemployment is over 10%, it is easy to advertise on facebook to offer sex service.

Anonymous said...

Our world is getting interesting !

Modern civilisation is experimenting with empowering woman with more power, skills, knowledge & wealth.

1st; women are more difficult to negotiate with, especially when she is required to exchange power for other benefits. Given the slightess chance, she will snatch it back.

2nd; women are less trusting of anybody whom they interact on a regular basis. It is very difficult to obtain their trust in many situations, eg, social, economical, personal,

3rd; women have a monopoly on access to the pussy - a means of human procreation as well as emotional well-being.

With the arrival of the information-age, women now has instant access to information to solve / verify any query.

Therefore, if the IT-savy modern woman feels less incline to indulge in sex, it will be very interesting to observe the outcome after; say 50 years from 1990 (2040 ?)

Will men have to whine to beg their females to copulate ? Or ply gifts to induce inclination ?

It is quite difficult to conclude whether it will be good or bad for mankind. However, histroy has shown that women in power always lead to wars and revolutions !


David said...

This post gave me reason to look way back in my past.

For most reading this, that means more than 10 years ago.

Now I understand my total lack of appeal from the fairer gender.

I was a geek before the word existed.

More into the technology of what interested me. I earned my A+ Cert more than a decade ago.

My wife as it turned out is a bit of a techy herself. So perhaps we were indeed ment for the other.

OTOH, tech savvy women like Yu-Kym know they have appeal.

Beauty, brains and self-confidence are a powerful aphrodesiac.