Double victory for women

French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde is the new chief of the International Monetary Fund.

Yingluck Shinawatra is set to become Thailand's first female prime minister.

I'm happy to hear that - at least that's news. I'm tired of hearing about men winning elections only to be caught with their pants down later. It is such a waste of time to read about their indiscretions on the news. Surely, there are better things to do.

I'm not saying women of power don't indulge in sex when they shouldn't; I'm just saying at least they're usually smart enough not to get caught.

I wonder whether Singapore will ever have a female prime minister. Not in my lifetime I think.


~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Personally no preference so long as they possess the qualities a leader shld own plus compassion.. but i am very very grateful for the female leaders/ bosses in my life, till now i still love my job ;)

Anonymous said...

I am so sat Ahbisit lost. He is such a gentleman prime minister, educated, speaks well and handsome too. His Finance Minister is equally impressive. Thailand lost a good PM.

silli cat

Anonymous said...

U should go and displace Con-You or his son.

That should make you happy!

Anonymous said...

If I have the ability to be PM, Con-Mic will not be able to open it's mouth or live even in it's rat hole.

Notice it's an IT!

Fortunately for this animal, it's only an IF!

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Silli cat, I am amazed you are still responding to the author who has this great hang-up over Con-you.

That guy is just a vandal. He enjoys applying black tar on other peoples' walls, blogs, etc.

These vandals are usually gifted with self esteem problems. Why bother to nurse his small ego by replying ? ! !


Anonymous said...

Where is Silli Cat? No longer "PAP Cyber Monitor" since Con-You and Chook-Dong kicked the Ministry bucket?

Anonymous said...

Yu-Kym & every Singaporean;

Do you really want a woman Prime Minister ?

Indira Gandhi, Mrs Bhutto & I think one of Sri Lanka's woman PM, they were all assassinated. Gender makes no difference in the game of politics; even less in the game of Geo-politics.

Golda Meir was PM when Egyptians & Syrians led one of the most successful co-ordinated attacks on Israel. (to be fair, Moshe Dayan - Israel's Defence Minister lost his balls when his CGS wanted to counter-attack Egyptian positions across the Suez Canal).

Frankly, I would worry Malaysia might toy with the idea of intimidating ( you are at liberty to interpret whatever you can imagine) Singapore if we ever have a female PM.

Somehow, I think the point is more deadly when a MALE SG PM tells the Malaysian PM ( who was whining about why Singapore bought aggressive Phoenix Air-to-air missiles)
"why, we bought them to welcome folks who come to our airspace without an invitation".

Our neighbourhood is not exactly cordial, so are the next-door occupants. Do not for a moment think that certain folks who would not enjoy a swipe at the little red dot of an upstart in this neighbourhood.

Some folks only understand the language spoken by bullets, artillery shells and a swift slash across the jugular veins.

When the push comes to a shove, let us boys do the talking and walking.

It is sad but true, the world is not getting safer, day by day.


You know, it kind of hard to say to a lady PM; "our soldiers will teach those bastards a lesson in basic courtesy; if they think they can come over without an invitation. We will let them know who they think they are fucking with".

Yu-Kym said...

When it comes to leading Singapore, the least important consideration is gender. An incapable leader - man or woman - would equally frustrate me.

David said...


Your view of politics in Asia is so hopless.

In another post you touched on South Koreas politics.

S. Korea as a democracy has a difficult gestation. Military coups crippled the early, and corrupt elected officials. It took many years for the South Koreans to get democracy to work Where military were made to accept and indeed enforce the right of the populace to elect officials good bad or just plain incompetent. (Reminds me of the States latest elected executive..)

After more than 50 years South Korea is politcally stable and is a thriving culture and society.

Thailand is a young country and is more resource rich than South Korea. BTW S. Korea's only great natural resource is it's people.


Anonymous said...

With due respect, Yu-Kym,

gender does play a part. If both are competant, who is more suitable in Singapore's situation ? ( did I suggested anywhere a lady PM is incompetent ? )


Kindly explain where my view of politics 'is so hopeless' with respect to Asian politics.

In case you missed the point, let me repeat that democracy MAY not always work in Asian societies.

Asian countries have always been ruled by a Top-down power structure. The dynasties of China lasted hundreds of years with this structure.

Do you disagreed with my view of S. Korean politics ?

N & S Koreas are technically still in a state of war. When a country has to pour enormous manpower & resources into the military sector, inevitably the Generals become powerful.

Inevitably, the military has to conceal enormous funds diverted for clandestine operations.

Inevitably some of these funds end up in some General's pocket.

In those early years, any politician worth his salt would bay for the blood of those Generals who have pocketed the funds.

Can any General have any credibility to lead his men effectively when he is accused of being corrupted by an MP in Parliament ? Remember, these Generals are indispensable - where war can break out at the slightess provocation.

Did you think the Generals would allow the kind of democracy S. Korea have today ?

S. Korea is politically stable ? For how long ? I can bet you any money democracy in S. Korea would vanish if N. Korea regained the military muscle they had 40/50 years ago !

USA has NEVER faced an implacable enemy on her borders. Your politics would be much different if Alaska was not sold to you folks - by Russia !

If you recall, Yu-Kym wished for a lady PM in Singapore. I offered my POV to illustrate why a 'Strongman' leadership is very vital - even much more important than the democratic process cherished by David.

After the Colonial Masters left this neighborhood, South Asia, SE Asia, E. Asia were just newly born NATIONS. We have to experiment what this new sense of a national identity means. Inevitably, there would be friction between different national identities.

Any friction in neighborhood - the push developes into a shove very quickly. The ordinary citizenry is simply not smart nor matured enough to argue against politicians who cry " hey, those nationalities next-door are not showing us any respect ! "

DITTO for Europe when they started to identify themselves as different nationalities.
The wars in the Balkan states, the wars between Russia, Britain & Germany has some (not all) roots in National Identification (and some cocky Pride).

Stalin, Hitler, Churchill, these were all strongmen who led their country and Parliamentary assembly (if any !)

In such a climate, democracy MAY not be suitable for a nation's survival.

You need to experience being the CEO of Singapore when Malaysian politicians flippantly announced;

" Aww... we sell our water so cheap to Singapore. They grow so rich with OUR raw resources. Lets cut off their water supply".

If Canada was the only source of water for USA & she threatened to cut it off - what will your President do ?

INVADE Canada !!!!!

And if Canada shrill cries to cut off water is repeated often enough, I will bet you - all your Presidents would be characterized in the General McAurther persona.

Do you get the point ?