Confused by email language

I received an email in which I was asked to "kindly revert to the undersigned". I scrolled down and up, then checked whether there was any attachment to the email but couldn't find any signature. Under where? It took me a while to realise that the person in the email was asking me to revert back to him - he is "the undersigned".

WTH? Why must he refer to himself as "the undersigned"??

I only know "the undertaker" from WWF :D

I can't stand long-winded, confusing emails!

Do you use confusing and old-fashioned words in your emails? [Read more here]


Anonymous said...

hmmm...wondering what is the "Thing" he want you to revert ..Blush..

David said...


Are you a WWF fan? ? ? ? ?


Anonymous said...

btw... using the word, 'revert' is also wrong