Computer problems again. Help!

My computer system clock has been reseting itself. I suppose the battery on the mainboard is dead again? I just changed that last year!

I'm not sure whether that's the cause of my bluescreen, which happened several times in the past week. Any idea? My system is exactly 3 years old today.


Rubandren said...

Well, bsod normally happens when a recently installed h/w or s/w clash... Did you install any new h/w or s/w recently?

earthly said...

lawrence said...

how many piece of RAM u have on your computer?
U can try to remove one of them to see if it is due to RAM issue.
or take them out and put them into the slot again.

Yu-Kym said...

I installed wireless USB adaptor and Flash update recently.

David said...


Try a system restore that will take your system back to a previous stable configuration.

It the PC works, then install the wireless USB adaptor. As long as the computer boots normally with the adaptor, install the flash update a day or two later.

I have encountered Adobe updates that conflict with existing software.

Be aware that to many wireless adaptors vying for the same frequency space can cause conflicts.

Checking the specifications for all your wirelss accessories may give you a clue as to possible conflicts.

A three year old computer means you should be planning to replace the main hard-drive soon. Create a mirror of the current drive soon and then you would have now problem replacing the older drive.

Good luck.


1goldblog said...

ai yo...
This must be a ram problem!

re-slot the ram, if cant solve it or problem again, get a new ram.

Next must be motherboard!

1goldblog said...

Ai yo...

1st ram, reslot it, if any failure again, get a new ram.

if cant solve, maybe motherboard le.

if still the same problem...
Pray hard hard!!

David said...


Re-reading your post made allowed to come up with a couple more ideas for you.

If the problem is the same as last years occurence with the cmos battery going bad then a new battery will fix the problem.

Why could a new battery die so quickly? From what you and others have written about many, (not all) businesses is that SG is a buyer be aware market. The honesty and integrity of some businesses cannot be determined easily.

You cannot be sure how long that battery was sitting on the shelf. It could already be many years old at time of purchase. An unscrupulous computer shop might even re-package an old battery out of another computer.

If as 1goldblog suspects it is the motherboard only the HP warranty might help. That is providing your PC is within warranty.

If not then perhaps it might be time to learn how to build your own desktop PC.

These sites can guide even a first time builder through the steps.,2601.html

If you choose this course buy all the components from a trusted and realiable source.

Use two identical hard-drives for setting up a mirrored drive for data security.

Let us know how you solve this problem.