Women are BORN to be moody

Women are BORN to be moody

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Yu-Kym has frequently opined the joys of being a women. Sometime covering the more feminine details of womenhood and at other times skirting the issue directly and showing by examples from other women and research.

The text below presents an enlightening look into the biology behind one of the biggest differences between males and females.

Moods, mood swings and more mood swings.

Yes girls have moods swings, and some of us males have noticed, been curious and either adapted to the female swings or given up on women entirely.

Read on and allow know

Are women born to be grumpy? This sounds like the sexist moan of a disgruntled husband, torn off a strip for failing to put the rubbish out. Again.

Except that science now seems to back the idea that women’s brains may be wired for increased anxiety, depression and mood swings. And the problem could be exacerbated by those high-protein, low-calorie weight-loss programmes (such as the Dukan Diet).
It’s long been known that women suffer more from depression, or at least reported depression. Around one in four women will be treated for depression at some point, compared with one in ten men.

Can't help it: Science now seems to back the idea that women's brains may be wired for increased anxiety, depression and mood swings (posed by model).

This had been explained partly by social factors — women are more likely to seek help for their symptoms compared with men. However, a recent study from Sweden has discovered two key differences in the way men and women’s brains process serotonin, the so-called ‘happy hormone’.

Good levels of serotonin induce feelings of contentment, reduce appetite and improve sleep. Low levels are associated with depression. It’s this understanding of serotonin that led to the development of antidepressants known as SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors).

These drugs, which include Prozac, work by increasing the amount of serotonin available in the brain.

Now scientists from the Karolinksa Institute in Sweden have been using brain scans to investigate serotonin levels. And the news is not so cheering for women.
The researchers looked at serotonin uptake — that is, how much serotonin is actually used by the brain — in men and women. Their scans showed women have more serotonin receptors than men.

Every cell in your body has receptor sites on its surface. These are the cellular equivalent of motorway service stations, where you can refuel your cells. Only, instead of petrol or Ginster’s pasties, cell receptor sites allow substances such as nutrients and hormones in and out.

In the case of serotonin, how happy you feel is dependent not just on how much serotonin you make, but on there being sufficient receptor sites in the brain to make it work.

The fact that the women in the Swedish study had more serotonin receptor sites sounds like good news. So, too, does the other finding, which was that women had lower levels of a protein that ‘mops up’ used serotonin.
This means your old serotonin will continue to circulate, bumping up the general level, making you feel happier.

So not only do women have more places in the brain that can be activated by serotonin, but they seem to be able to hold on to it longer. Or so it seems.
In fact, the Swedish research suggests something else. When cells are short of a chemical, such as serotonin, they open up as many receptor sites as possible to ‘catch’ every morsel.

Born this way: Women can produce less 'happy hormones' than men
The cells that need it increase their number of receptors to try to make the most of the little that is available. It’s a bit like tipping your bowl to catch every last drop of an especially delicious soup.

For women to have more serotonin receptor sites and be holding on to available serotonin longer seems to indicate they had too little available in the first place.
Other research backs up this idea that women make less serotonin than men. Scientists at the University of Montreal found that men’s brains, on average, make 52 per cent more than women. The reason may be tied to differences in male and female sex hormones.

While the findings about women producing less serotonin are controversial, ‘oestrogen and testosterone, the main sex steroid hormones, have long been known to affect behaviour’, according to the British Society for Neuroendocrinology.

However, oestrogen can have a bigger effect on women due to their ever-fluctuating hormone levels, says Dr Andrei Novac, clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California Irvine School of Medicine.
Oestrogen specifically ‘stimulates serotonin receptors in the brain’, he explains.
When hormone levels fluctuate, the brain’s sensitivity to serotonin changes, so the amount you needed before may no longer be enough — in effect, the hormones have tinkered with the wiring.

This could explain why women’s serotonin levels ‘drop off’ when their oestrogen levels are low — specifically in the days running up to their period (a major factor in PMS ‘blues’), after childbirth and at the menopause.

And the problem is that this effect is cumulative. As well as fluctuating hormones, women may experience more stress and trauma during a lifetime (due to a variety of events in everyday life).
Some married males, but not nearly enough, if more alert than a rock might notice during their dating years that the moods of a girlfriend can result in the lady appearing to have vastly different moods. Those fortunate enough to get into lasting marriages learn more about a women variable moods. One day she is cooing and affectionate, then a few days later you have to walk gently when around the love of your life lest the slightest mistake awakens the beast within her.

Most rock like men are taken by surprise and most often think a gf or spouse is going crazy. Those of us more aware know this is not the case. Nature built and wired females diffently. Ask a young women who has just entered puberty the differences on year has made in her biology.


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Without the burden of menstruation and childbirth, women would have been largely the same as men in their moods and temperament.

We men have it lucky. Only that poor Con-Mic fella was served the raw end. Oh well it cant be help although we dont want it to happen to that poor chap. But God said someone has to carry the shit. Con-Mic.

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