Want Malaysian food? Strip naked and do squats!

Many Singaporeans love Malaysian food. 2 Singaporean women, in their attempt to seek out Malaysian food for supper, found themselves naked and doing squats. [Read more]

Do you find food in Malaysia much better compared to food in Singapore?

When I went to Malaysia for work, some friends asked me whether I travelled around to look for good food. The food at coffee shops was cheap alright.. And after a long day of work, I still have to go back to my room hotel to prepare for the next day.

The food is cheaper, no doubt, because of the currency exchange rate. You can get the same food in Malaysia for half the price that you pay in Singapore. But I don’t find Malaysian food much better. Some food like the laksa and char kuey teow are different but I wouldn’t go all the way to Malaysia just to eat. It’s not that I don’t enjoy food; I do. But there just aren’t that food that are good enough to make me travel the distance, or queue/wait for an hour to eat.


Anonymous said...

If you are able Yu-Kym and I am confident you are, climb the ladder of success and travel widely and live life to the full.
And some day you will surely find yourself having the resources to travel just to have the food that you so desire.

And food is just one of many other pleasures success brings.

silli cat