The termites are dead!

I mentioned that there were termites in my room [see previous post]. Pest control was called in. They sprayed some reddish chemicals at various points in my room and wardrobe. My sister's room and wardrobe was also affected.

Here's the advice from pest control:
1. Do not spray insecticide. Doing so will drive the termites deeper into the wood.
2. Do not position the wooden furniture too close to the wall or too close together. Leave a gap in between to allow air to circulate and to avoid moisture build-up.
3. Do not pack your clothes and belongings too closely in the cupboard.
4. If you put pandan leaves, cinnamon sticks or other natural pest-repellants, change them often.

The pest controller came back to check whether all the termites have been exterminated. According to him, they're dead. The furniture can still be used. I just needed to wipe it and allow it to dry before putting anything inside.

Here's how a section of my wardrobe looks like now:

I figured that I wouldn't want to put clothes back in this wardrobe, so I converted it to a bag storage.

Not too bad, is it? Every woman needs a bag storage space!

I buy most of my bags overseas - Bangkok, Bandung, Hoi An, Labuan. The red one on the extreme right is super cute! "Time flies so fast in busy daily life". It has a black cat stuffed toy sewn on it. I used it as my laptop bag on my recent business trip. I bought the bag in Bandung for 190,000 Rupiah (SGD28) - it's not cheap but I really like it!


Anonymous said...

can't u filled up those gap with silicon or wood fillings ?

btw,cthanks for the preventive measure....

David said...


A very well though out alternate use for the space!

Good to read the termites have been banished!


folding bed said...

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Yu-Kym said...

I don't want to put my clothes in there because I don't like the idea that termites and maggots were in there! Also, just in case they're still in there, I don't want my clothes eaten up.

Best of luck to you too, folding bed!