Tablets at PC Show 2011

The only tablets worth a thought were the tablets that run Win 7: Prolink TW8 Win7 $949, Viewsonic Viewpad10 Win7 Android dual OS $799 and Acer Iconia Duo Win7 $1999. But $1999 for the Acer Iconia Duo Win7? You got to be kidding me. In addition to being expensive, I found ALL the tablets except Apple iPad to be bulky, heavy and ugly. The only one that wasn't ugly was the China ePad - yes, they copied the design from iPad but, obviously, it doesn't run iOS. I made the right decision in buying an iPad2. I bought a 32G white iPad 2 with a $40 per month 7.2Mbps mobile broadband contract 50GB with Singtel. (I don't have mobile broadband on my mobile phone plan and the white 3G model is out of stock islandwide.)

Asus EEE Pad Transformer TF101-16

Asus EEE Pad Transformer TF101-16 Android without docking station/keyboard $659
Asus EEE Pad Transformer TF101-16 Android with docking station/keyboard $799
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Acer Iconia Tab A500 Android $799
Acer Iconia Tab W500 Win7 $988
Acer Iconia Duo Win7 $1999
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Palladin PR70HD Android $199
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Prolink TA8 Android $649
Prolink TW8 Win7 $949
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Viewsonic Viewpad10 Win7 Android dual OS $799

Viewsonic Viewpad7 Android $499
Viewsonic Viewpad10s Android Wifi $499
Viewsonic Viewpad10s Android 3G $649
Viewsonic Viewpad10 Win7 Android dual OS $799
Viewpad10 is sooo heavy and sooo expensive. I give it some credit for not being laggy and slow. Opening and closing programs is faster here than on my Asus netbook.
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Brandless tablets available from Iza
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China tablets at level 6

China ePad at level 6

Creative ZiiO 10”(16GB) S$429
Creative ZiiO 10”(8GB) S$399

Apple iPad 2 - no price reduction or freebies
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Blackberry Playbook
While stocks last?? They don't even have stock!

Tablets available from Singtel
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Tablets available from Starhub
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Anonymous said...

don;t have Motorola Xoom or blackberry Play Book meh ?

David said...


I suppose the size of ones hands can determine whether a Tablet pc is to heavy or large.

I have handled a couple 10.1" tablets and found them easy to hold and use.

Altough my personal preference that would be a good compromise between size, weight and portablity is the 7 inch form factor tablets.

The sheer number of new tablets reminds me of the netbook craze.

When those diminutive computers came out it took awhile before the 10.1inch screen became the defacto standard.


Yu-Kym said...

I didn't bother to look for the Xoom or Playbook. Demo sets are available at Funan.

The 10" tablets are about 1kg. Too heavy to hold up while standing on a moving train.

Anonymous said...

some people buy IPad or IPhone

becoz of their nice accessories

like fancy covers, dock, or

leather casing, and of coz the

resale value.U bought ur casing

for ur IPad, thought u doesn't

like the idea to "CoverUp" ur


Yu-Kym said...

Where did I say I bought casing for my iPad?

Anonymous said...

that even best no casing, good

luck to thin, drop than u

know ...