Summer Travel

Contributed by David
On a summer holiday this week with my lovely wife!

Most often for holidays in SG Yu-Kym travels to Malayasia, Thailand and occasionally to Australia. Going north from where I call home one has to drive 420 km to get to our destination, about fours driving. Drive 115 km further north in one crosses into Canada.

We are off work for ten days and will enjoy the next four days in northern Michigan’s beautiful lakeside town of Petoskey staying at Stafford’s Bayview Inn.

Petoskey is a scenic town with its original shopping district restored to its full glory and is known as the Gaslight District. Unique shops and eateries dot the several blocks that cover the district.

The inn we are staying is located next to Little Traverse Bay and offers the brilliant blue fresh waters from Lake Michigan and is known for spectacular sunsets. Stafford’s Bayview Inn opened for business was built in 1886 and has enchanted visitors for over 125 years.

Some of northern Michigan's finest dining can be experienced in the Roselawn Dining Room. Cool relaxing evenings on the Reed Avenue Porch make for unforgettable memories. The Inn has a modern business center, and offers bicycles for guest to use at no charge. A bike trail and walking trail passes in front of the inn. WiFi is featured for those wanting to stay in touch with the world. Only two televisions are available for guest in Sun room and the Library.

A short video tour follows.

More photos and fun from at 45.3, -84.9 will be here soon!


Anonymous said...

David, You and your lovely Filipina wife, have a wonderful holiday, both of you!

silli cat

Anonymous said...

Bonk hard because summer there is only few weeks only, and snow stays on the ground for more months of the year than you can count plus the terrible wind chill blowing in from the great lakes.

And damn, there are only around 6000 people in Petroski - probably they think they are living in Siberia after all, there is little difference.

David said...


This area thrives year around. Summer homes result in the population more than doubling during the warm months. Skies, snowboarders and snowmobilers swarm the ski hills and snowmobile trails during the winters

Cold and snowy perhaps, but not Siberia cold. The Great Lakes take months to cool and doing so moderates the coldest winter days.


Anonymous said...


What you say is all well and good but it does not detract from the fact that summer homes are only occupied...yes during summer. The rest of the time, they are vacant.

The fact is also that only a certain demography in a population will choose Michigan and its beauty as a permanent place of abode. The majority of the younger and young, the up and going will find this part of your country too sedate after a while. Perhaps a vacation but not a place to live one's prime.

So no matter how much I agree that there is much to offer in Michigan and states the likes of her, she will only appeal to those who are in same frame of mind like yours. And these numbers are relatively limited.

I cant see myself living far from the bustling and hustling urbans even when I am past my prime. The city is for me. The Great Lakes are for holidays. keke

silli cat

David said...


The Petostkey-Charlevoix-Harbor Springs area is a four season haven for vacationers. True there remain some summer only homes. Such homes are the oldest. Many condo developments and modern single family homes dot the area for winter sport enthusiast.

Skiers, snowboarders, nordic skiers and snow-mobilers come to this north country in during the snowy winter to enjoy winter sports.

Seeking night life, there is a casino and hotel at

Desire culture,,
or a good resturant -,

The life in Michigans north country is slower to be sure. But there is always something to do, great places to eat, beautiful places to walk, watch a sunset or to share time with a friend and loved one.

Many call it home, others like me yearn to return.


Anonymous said...

David, I am sure it's a beautiful place. But not a permanent home for most of the up and going, the young and vibrant, the impatient and the hip.

silli cat

David said...

Silli Cat,

Valid points made. While young at heart, I am more patient, easy going and must admit I cannot remember ever being hip. ;-)