Stupid, stupid woman

A Malaysian woman is asking RM 1 million (S$407,800) in return for her kidney or eye to pay off her husband's debts. [Read more]

She said she can no longer endure being harrassed by loan sharks. Trust me, she will not only be left alone by the loan sharks after selling her organs to pay off the debt but also left alone by an ungrateful husband. If she had RM 1 million, she should go buy a new house or buy a new husband.

If her current husband was any good at all,
#1 - he wouldn't have borrowed money from loan sharks to start a business
#2 - he wouldn't allow her to sell her organs.

He should go sell himself - if anyone wants to buy it at all.


Anonymous said...

How come the man has no kidney of his to sell ah?

ya ya really clever or manipulative man, really stupig naive woman.

silli cat

JAPB said...

Couldn't agree more with you Yu-Kym!

David said...


The women you describe appears desperate and determined.

Not the wisest decision and sad all around.