Semi-decomposed body of girl got raped

Even when you're dead, perverts won't leave you alone. They're the necrophiliacs.

This poor dead girl's body got dug out of her grave after being buried for 3 days, stripped naked and raped. This happened in Malaysia. The district chief for the area said the assailant may have other motives for committing this crime.

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I think having sex with corpses is sick; having sex with semi-decomposed corpses is even worse. I hope a certain body part of the perpetrator decomposes too.


Darren said...

How low can a person go....the culprit has got serious issues..

David said...


You are completly correct!!!!!

The perp(s) are SICK!

The poor girl is beyond caring!

Digging her body up for sex!

I hope they local official is correct that the perverted perp has other motives, sick nevertheless.

The perp may very well become ill.


Anonymous said...

No, they are grave robbing and to throw the police off their real intentions, they fake some necrophelia stuff.

silli cat

jc said...

I wonder how the assailant could fuck the corpse. Again, I've seen certain ritual that people going to accident scene or freshly buried grave to grab the left over luck from deceased

Anonymous said...

Oh you have seen JC? how so? Witnessed personally or thru the media?

silli cat