Ovulating and attached women flirt more

A study shows that women who are ovulating flirt more (with their dressing and dancing), and women who are attached also flirt more! [Watch video] A researcher concludes that it's possible that the attached women behave that way because they are looking to cheat.

But I don't think that's always the reason. Here are a few I can think of:
- women in relationships get taken for granted and do not receive reassurance of their attractiveness from their partner. Therefore they seek reassurance from other men.
- women in relationships know that if they get into trouble with another man, their partner will defend and protect them.
- women who dance with more freedom of movement or show more skin are more likely to be in relationships compared to those who don't dance and dress conservatively!


David said...


You stated; "women who dance with more freedom of movement or show more skin are more likely to be in relationships compared to those who don't dance and dress conservatively!"

Have you observed such in SGs clubs?

It makes sense on the surface, as males are visually aroused.

Then again there to many large women showing far more than they should, and that sight is not attractive. Even a turn off.


Yu-Kym said...

Most women at the clubs here look and dress sexily. I think there are many physically attractive women in Singapore!

Anonymous said...

What kind of man would come to the aid of a woman who flirts with another man behind his back?

A man who has no other choice of woman...that's him. Like that poor loser Con-Mic!

Sorry Con-Mic, i again cant resist peeing and pooping on you.


silli cat

Savahn said...

There is another segment to this video. It proposes that women look for two types of men; one to support her and another to give her children.

The former provides her the foundation for raising a family. The latter provides the genetic material. This follows the menstrual cycle of the women.

When she is single, she searches for the beta male so her attitude will not be too aggressive and more demure. But when she has that foundation and during the most fertile period, she is more aggressive in pursuing the alpha male who has all the good genes for the best possible genetic outcome for her child.

This is only a hypothesis and a lot of feminist disagree vehemently - the idea that we are animals who have little control over our baser instincts does not sit well with many people. But at the end of the day, its up to people to manage themselves.

Anonymous said...

eeeeeee yukks! If I am a woman, I wouldnt allow a man I deem incapable of supporting me fuck me and me bear his chidren with lousy genes.

A successful woman worth her salt should only choose a successful man and bear his children.

silli cat

Sampat Kataria said...
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