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Have you ever sent messages (emails or SMS) to the wrong person accidentally? I have. Most of the time, it is nothing serious or embarrassing. But once, things could have turned out bad when a complaint meant to be sent to my sister about my not liking my boss' management style got sent to him! I only realised it when he called me in for a discussion. I don't know what look I had plastered on my face then! 

Recently, I complained on my blog about the ezilink card refund which, by the way, I have not received. I intended to complain to my sister about it. Here is the actual email:

Dear Ms ,

We have received your email.

We would like to inform you that previous when you activated the EZ-Reload facility by GIRO, there was a deposit. Since you have terminated the facility, we are currently in the process of refunding the deposit into your GIRO account. The refund process will take about 2 months. Meanwhile, your EZ-Link card will not be able to apply for any EZ-Reload service until the deposit is refunded. Alternatively, you may use another EZ-Link card to apply for the EZ-Reload facility using your credit card.

We appreciate your kind patience and understanding.

Best Regards,

Masita Mohamad
Customer Service
EZ-Link Pte Ltd
Customer Service Hotline: 6496 8300
Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2011 9:14 AM
To: customerservice
Subject: Re: Online Application Status for EZ-Reload

if u have ANZ, it's worth using it to auto credit your ezilink card. cos the rebate of 5% is more than the transaction fee.

stupid ezilink.
i already deactivated giro link then applied for ez-reload but their response is that my card is already linked.

From: EZ-Link EZ-Reload
Sent: Monday, June 13, 2011 2:46 AM
Subject: Online Application Status for EZ-Reload

Dear Ms ,
This email is to inform you of the status of your application for EZ-Reload.
ez-link card CAN ID     EZ-Reload amount        Application date        Status  Message
10000xxxxxxxxxxx        SGD 20.00       2011-06-12 17:55:05.0   Application Not Approved        Application rejected. ez-link card already applied for auto top up facility

You are receiving this application status email because: You have applied for the EZ-Reload facility directly via the EZ-Link website; or You/Your bank have applied for the EZ-Reload facility for your Co-Brand ez-link card.

For Successful Application

*   You may proceed to activate EZ-Reload at any General Ticketing Machine (GTM) found at all SMRT train stations. For assistance on how to activate the facility at the General Ticketing Machine, Click Here.
*   Alternatively, you may proceed to activate EZ-Reload with your ez-link card, NRIC/passport, SMS and a print out of this email at any TransitLink Ticket office located in selected MRT stations and bus interchanges. Locations and operating hours of TransitLink Ticket Offices are available at .
*   You can view the status of all your applications in the last 6 months via this link. Click here.
*   If there is a change in credit card number, due to loss, suspected fraud or credit card upgrade OR if you would like to change the auto top up amount, please deactivate the facility by presenting your NRIC / Passport and ez-link card at any TransitLink Ticket Office. Please wait for at least 7 working days for the status of your ez-link card to be updated before reapplying for the facility again.
*   By applying for EZ-Reload, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions for this service. Your ez-link card will be automatically topped-up when the remaining value reaches zero. Please note that there is a recurring 25-cents convenience fee that EZ-Link Pte Ltd will charge to your credit card account each time your card is automatically topped-up, unless and until you have terminated the service.

For Unsuccessful Application

*   You may wish to re-apply for EZ-Reload via the EZ-Link website.

Please note that the Collection Slip Number/Autoload Reference Number (ARN) is valid for 6 months from the date of approval. The EZ-Reload application will be terminated if there is no activation.
Should you have other enquiries, please email us to at or call us at 6496 8300 between 8.00am to 6.00pm daily except Public Holidays.

EZ-Link Pte Ltd
This is an automatically generated email.
For TransitLink Office Use:

I declare that the NRIC/Passport of Account Holder was produced for the activation of EZ-Reload on the above card.




Signature of CSA        Name    Date


Anonymous said...

Wahhh...who is this sister of yours that you mention a number of times in your blogs and who is so wise and able to resolve matters like a complaints bureau? Why dont you get her to contribute to your blogs (or better still start her own blogs) so that we can gain from her wisdom? hehe

silli cat

Anonymous said...

So Yu-Kym

I guess from your report, EZ link is giving you a refund although it takes some time.

So they are not getting away with it then?

If so, I retain my faith in the integrity of our Singapore system to put things right when things appear unethical, illogical or insensible.

Well almost. Life can be sometimes unfair and cruel. You cannot always win. And sometimes one always lose. Like that poor fella Con-Mic.

I wish he be given a chance to have a happy life and not feel so much angst, ingratitude and envy and cursing everyone all the time. He deserves a break. Poor fella down and out all the time tsk tsk lol

silli cat